A Beautiful Thursday Outing With Some Friends!

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I've been hearing about this specialty Italian restaurant and outdoor bar in my area and I've been excited to try it ever since.

Me and a couple of my friends decided to take a little outing to this nice bar and check it out! It's got a fantastic wine selection and we ordered this appetizer platter for a small party (the pic above)!

It was absolutely incredible!! I'm so excited to have this little spot now, this will be my new go-to place to have meetings with people and convince them to learn about Steem!!!

Speaking of Steem, I was talking to my buddies about it again. Steem is fascinating to me and they can tell when we start any sort of conversation about tech that I love to steer it to the Steem department.

They were asking if there were any cool developments recently.

I said "hell yeah! Take a look at this!"

I whipped out my phone and showed them the Steem Monsters site. It was updated just a few days ago and it's looking superb!

It's better than I could have ever imagined it could ever be! The concept has become a full-fledged project and we still haven't even started the battles yet!

Further than that, I talked about my excitement for the D.Tube and DLive platforms. D.Tube especially as they've been doing some really interesting stuff with their curation "pools".

I told them that SMTs will be launched around March of next year and that that's going to be a complete game changer... It's going to radically change the way we interact with the blockchain!!!

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Chevere that you have met with friends, to talk about the wonderfulness of steem.


Haha I always try to talk my friends' ears off about the Steem blockchain!! it's so fascinating and so amazing that we can get connected and bring people on here!

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Wow uummaa hahaha very nice dessert....!!


Haha thanks!! It was a great outting!!!

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SMTs launch should really be a game changer.

Brother i would like to eat, please send some

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There are a lot of fun with frnds. I could have ever imagined it could ever be! The concept has become a full-fledged project and we still haven't even started my journey.


You have to start!! Always keep working on yourself and moving forward!! Even something like traveling can move your life forward by putting you on sort of a spiritual quest. You just have to give in to the experience and allow yourself to be happy, present and live in the moment!