Some Drama happened, I have talked it over, I over reacted, I am thankful i was brought back to to clear the air and am thankful to fyrstikken for watching out for me, I misunderstood his methods.

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Some Drama happened, people were out of their meds, some things were said, things that arent true

go talk to people if u want the story, i really just cant focus on this till i get some sleep, very draining.

Ok I have slept and am more rational

I wont bring drama from discord to the chain again I just felt cornered, again go ask on if you really want to know what happened, uugh I know I have to acknowledge it I cant just keep going like nothing happened, but I cant stop the world for every irrational thought or action,

But I see now this is all just a great theater, and I didnt understand the point of fyrtsikken trying to get me into the channel to defend myself, and he was trying to help me, and I thought maybe he was allowing it because its his channel but I have to realize that she already was kicked before and came back as a new account so when that happens , or even if she was just using a single account, I see now @fyrstikken was just trying to force me to confront my OWN problem and that it WAS his channel but its MY drama, even if its not me, well, obviously I made the mistake of trying to help someone letting them into my world, after years of becoming healed, after even helping her on steemit last year in the summer of 2017, and as she wrote in her own steem intro page, she had a problem, i helped get her a steem account and as everyone can see on the blockchain I had done nothing but try to help her, and maybe sent her too many texts or messages while trying to explain things to her, like steem bitshares or eos but she learned them all, and did a good job, and she was just off medication, and I understand fyrst couldnt KNOW that he just heard a lot of accusations in the MIDDLE of an existing abuse scandal with other users i wont mention now, but I understand from fyrtsikkens perspective what had to happen

so i apologize for the titel of this post which you can still see in the URL, its up there like a Ghost, showing what i had originally wrote, and i wrote it in a place of fear and feeling cornered, up for two days, not being able to sleep as just one thing after another comes down upon me like cyber warfare :D I just want to make sure I explain this all and not blame fyrst for just being a mediator, when he tried to get me into the discord, and i refused, citing a need to sleep, well, i should have just grown a pair and just went in there and put the claims to bed and then went to bed myself, and fyrst even said he was just temporarily flagging my posts until I came in, and its JUST a tool , its NOT violent, hes JUST pushing a button, I cant complain like I was before, he was just trying to get me to do what was best for me at that point because it was too late for me to just ignore it so I appreciate that. Sorry for freaking out, i was up two days and didnt see things clearly. Fyrstikken stayed in contact with me keeping me calm and helping me through the whole situation, and when the temporary flagging part came in I just couldn't handle it, but he has done it before and will reverse it and upvote me, and its just a way for him to get me to do something and its his Stake, and it was temporary, and I am glad he convinced me to come in and talk, and clear the air.

I realize now that compared to ES, is my friend, and this person from my past, ES, she is now threatening to sue me it seems? After I did nothing but try to help her, and that was my fault, she seemed ready t grow up and work and she was doing well, I wish I could laugh this off, but the idea that some guy chiming in backing her up, some white knight thinking that shes is telling the truth, makes this really lame, its not the first time she has done this, so yeah fool me twice shame on me, see mughat is right i shouldn't try to help people... it will end up getting me hurt... i will try to make lemonade out of this as much as possible, and cutting off all contact with emeraldserpent , i just thought it wouldn't hurt me to simply help her on steem, get her a way to make money, I just didnt ever expect her to lash out like this, seems like there is some man in the picture making her believe this is all ok? very sad. Well, I knew this day would come, I forsaw it ALL last year, I really did, and its best i got this all out of the way NOW before steem gets really serious.

Anyway I appreciate @steemspeak discord backing me up and I apologize for not getting enough sleep and being able to answer to this. As a public person I must be ready to answer to all accusations no matter how crazy they, I gues also I have to accept that I am a clown and this life is a stage and the people demand fucking entertainment.

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The entire thing was BS, and I HATE that my name was brought into this with the screenshot.

I didn't hear or see any credible information about you, and I I felt highly concerned about the stability of the accuser and her ability to engage on the issue, as by her own testimony she was unstable, in the care of a "Care Taker" and off her medications and unable to complete simple tasks. She needed to tell her story to a therapist or a police officer and not a room full of strangers egging on what looked to be to be a very real mental health situaition.

I am only responding because I was angry and disgusted with the entire situation. I do not condone or support anything that happened during that conversation.

I love my SteemSpeak group, but that was beyond okay in my opinion.

If it were me, I would let drop like a hot rock.


Yes i just want to work on steem and want steemspeak people to not force me to come on voice under threat of flagging my posts and all my followers posts like the last time i was flagged for disagreeing over steemspeak.

ALL STEEMSPEAK does is cause me problems. I DONT GET Any upvotes but i give more upvotes to steemspeak people thatn anyone sometimes, and yet i was somehow a paraiah

Its ok i see clearly now but i still live in a fear where i always have to worry about my posts being flagged for telling the truth

If u ask me, this is one of the final straws. When Karma ono and eossocial come out, every last steem whale will be secretly buying in while telling minnows not to buy eos ...

Why would i not take the chance to become a brand new eos social whale? We need to promote eos on steem, they synergize and we cant start also attacking eos fans, theyre teying ro learn new tech to make steem better.

We will make eos tokens to airdrop to steem holders, because we wont get get any eos social airdropped

I have sacrificed too much for steem... i helpd it last year when bitcoin could have made me much more, and this year eos could have made me much more money, i lost out when i couldnt afford to, and i feel like we cannot get emotionally attached to coins. Those who can afford to loose out on eos can stay but others may want some real innovation and u can just do so much more, imagine setting up a smart contract on a steem posts... maybe if we launch an eos token and airdrop too steemians . Lol but thats 100,000$ in ram you need to launch 1 billion eos sub tokens

I just dont like seeing a discord exploit someone with mental issues as some sort of entertainment, steemspeak could have immediatly realized she was off medication etc and muted her so she didnt embarass herself.

This was all sorts of fucked up and i want everyone to know what steemspeak is all about . Exploiting mentally unstable women for publicity then flagging me to force me in a disxord i do not want to talk to, bevaise its full of people who dont respect me. RESPECT wouod have been to muted her as soon as she started to claim that I had raped her... when all shes done is send nice messages for the last year, and she addmitted that she was out of her meds they got stolen days ago.. please dont be apart of a discord thay explots mentally unstable people for enterainment. EVEREONE knows it was baseless claim so why not mute her and let her calm down and ask her the. NExt day when shes calm

I wonder what this is about.
You know any advertisement is good advertisement?
You gave steemspeak the advertisement it would never get otherwise.
I never cared to check what it is about, now you made me curious and feel sorry for missing real life reality show drama.
And I am not even interested or like drama, but you made me curious.

I would like to point out that many demanded proof to verify her story. Because it sounded very weird to us. Not everyone believes her. And without proof it’s just a wild story.

Also would like to point out that Jonny actually defended you. So don’t think that everyone automatically believed her without getting your side of the story.


I was up for two nights, i didnt wanna come in because of exactly how i over react, and i am rested now and i realize fyrst only felt he had to temporarily flag me and he DID say it was temp and only until i showed up,
and he was just looking out for my interests and he didnt knwow hy this person was in theer talking about me, and so yeah I didnt understand that, and apologize to @fyrstikken for being mad at him for the temporary flag which was only to get me to come in and clear the air, I get he couldnt just ban her because he didnt knwow hat was going on yet, and i have to accept the relevancy of that community space , no matter how many days ive stayed up.

Dear friend @ackza. These are really serious accusations, it's good that you do everything you can to clean your image, the truth is that I have little time knowing you, but I can say that you're a person, friendly, encouraging of the new inexperienced in this world, very eloquent, witty , ingenious and intelligent, none of that suggests that you're a person with intentions to harm others. I believe you and I support you! I send you a big hug.

I don't know all sides but you are right, this isn't a place for drama and you shouldn't be coerced into anything. I thought we were all about freedom.


Define "freedom?"


By freedom, I mean freedom to pursue your goals without coercion... and your rights not being violated. I don't really believe in absolute freedom. There are some things we can't do because it would violate the rights of others, like killing for instance.

Sorry to hear about this bud. Hopefully you will receive the benefit of the doubt from your peers. Good luck and stay strong brother.

whats the context behind this?


just re read it, but seriously all this is doing is creating a situation where people now have a reason to doubt me. its pathetic.

This is NOT a good time to be harrashing STAR steemians, when EOS is about to launch their numerous social chains.

Fucking retarded self destructive behaviour make some fucking cry man, these humans will seriously destroy the only cool things theyve been able to build...

anybody have screenshots of the whole thing? I dont want to claim my account or sign up to anything in order to read this...

This is a serious allegation that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Please I will advise you try and let them know your side of the story whatever it is.
This is a platform opened to different people and peeps will be swift to judge over any information gathered here.

I am sorry to hear about your troubles. I can't imagine he would be doing this if he didn't think it would be good for you to talk to those who you associate with. Then again, I don't know the intricacies of your relationship. Anyway, I hope you feel better.


The fact that he reversed it is not the point, the coercion is disturbing and i refise to bring a single person here u till he issues an apology for this tasteless tactic to force me to come to his discord againt my will...

Why should i promote for steem anymore or get the multi million dollar nvestors i know to buy steem if theyre just gonna be dealing wiyh this potentially?

This is the stuff that stops investors from buying , and i refuse to waste MY FRIENDS money on a system thay desigbed

To be fair I don't like the disproportionate power that exists here or elsewhere in real life or on other blockchains, but it is well within the ability of any large holders of SP to flag, especially EOS-related content. Those are some pretty serious allegations if what you said in your comments are true, if they aren't then you should be able to keep your calm, nut up and tell them to fuck off. But in case of ANY serious legal matters it's always best to stfu and get a lawyer.

As for that profile you linked, I see that the most recent comments... rofl, what is this nonsense, any vaccinations in the first 6th month are a crime? Holy fuck give me a break. That's the kind of shit that drives people away from taking steemit seriously.

Sorry for the unsolicited advice, I guess I am not immune to enjoying a good drama thread now and again.


no you are right but will lawyers help with international things over the internet?

I dont have time to worry aboit it, its not a serious accusation and u cant just lawer up everytime someone gets on disxord and makes up a story due to a very sad mental illness or drug detox etc


No, but it helps if you are about to get jammed up.

I don't know where you live, but even an accusation, however baseless, can nearly destroy a man's life depending on the country they live in. Fortunately for you (unfortunately for them, in the case they are not just making things up) someone being committed or having a history of mental health issues really impacts the chances of a serious case being brought against you if there is no physical evidence.


Hey :( What happen ?

· allowed someone to come and call em a rapist and they flagged me untill i came and answered to the crazy claim.
its the type of shit peopel powerdown and leave steem over, bunch of fuckin noise that does no good


Wooow that's something really delicated problem :O I follow you on insta since you were like idn 40 rep lol hahaha I have been reading and admiring your sucess don't let people do this shit to you...