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This past winter I had bought some whole kernel corn to throw on the ground below the bird feeder. I live on the bank of what use to be an old creek bed before they put the highway in up behind us about a block and half away so there's a pretty good size backyard with heavy tree line and underbrush back there along the fence line. It's not unusual to see raccoons, skunks or possums running around back there but the last two winters I even had some bunny rabbits. Well no one particularly cared for the corn and I found out that wild bunnies must like fresh garden produce like Peter Rabbit because they didn't eat the baby carrots or lettuce I tossed out there.

One day someone posted on a local blog about not feeding the ducks at the park ponds bread and instead to feed them things like corn, peas among other stuff. Since I had a big bag left my grandson and I were taking some of it to the river and feeding it to the ducks, I was surprised how much they liked it, I'd never thought to feed corn to ducks. Then walking alongside my house one day I notice something had eaten the corn finally from under the bird feeder. I had no idea it was a couple of ducks, I just started putting some more out there since something came along that seemed to be happy with it.

One day a couple weeks ago the grand kids were over and a couple of ducks appeared. My grand son asked if they could feed them some corn. I was dumbfounded to say the least to have finally figured out who was eating the corn. The nearest pond to my house is about six blocks away, how on earth they found that corn is mind boggling. Next thing I know they take up residence in a mud muddle at the bottom of the neighbors driveway. Where they've showed up every day to pick at the corn I throw out in the grass and swim around in the puddle. I sit here and giggle when they show up at six in the morning out there quaking away, my own little pair of ducks...who knew? lol.

Well the last few days it's been really warm and no rain so their little puddle dried up. I was out watering some plants yesterday and I come back around the corner of the house and there they were over by the faucet to the hose drinking out of a little puddle of water made from the faucet dripping down a bit. I looked at them as they were staring at me then said I suppose you'd like me to fill your little pond back up for you now wouldn't you? I guess that's what they were hoping for...

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