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It's my choice so I deserve what is happening to me


it's like the adult form of doing lines over and over on the blackboard

With or without telekinetic powers, wife's always rage :D



that's how i've been feeling since the marriage


Do not do like that my friend😂

What i like to do if had telekinetic powers.


suddenly surrounded by strippers

Lol . I'll wait, but at night I'll take revenge on her. She does not know that I have the same abilities.


i keep it secret because I can use a extra bit of help down there when we're doing it

When my wife's hair starts to move on her head, it means she's angry and now she'll start beating me:)


she's like the opposite of a super saiyan

Is that how she calms you down when you get excited?


that or just a few hours of nagging usually does the trick too

My wife complains, I don't Last Long
what do u think she'll do if she could control me,
I mean... my waist, legs, squats and strokes.
Damn, i might need to subscribe to daily waist balm

slap or be slapped, it's a harsh world in the land of marriage

source blogspot

You'd be forced to work

Thats why it's safer if you just keep your face in her crotch like a good boy.

That's worst than her psychic secret 3rd hand!

punch it all day long

Haha lmao, if I had telekinetic powers I would make her do this every time we went out in public.


Your wife would be giving you a penis enlargement wouldnt she traffy with those powers?

@Traf. I think he actually my girlfriend would want worse tyan this for me though.. She does not know that I have the same powe!! Do not do like that hahahaha. its was ridiculous for funny!! I am waiting for the next one,it will more exciting & funny. @Traf. I wanna join with you sir,hehehe.such an Laughable post..

There are still a lot more sweet options.☺giphy.gif

This is why we don't marry martians

Hahaha so you trying to say rgat slapping yourself is actually what your wife would wana foece you to do with her mind. Why would she want that for you if you are not a pin in her ass. Hahahaha

Well i think my girlfriend would want worse tyan this for me though... #RunsAway

You look hot Traf, I dig that SadoMachoism stuff you're into!

My wife does not have the skills, but I do not tell her about it, so it will be better for me :)

Thank you Sir for Slapping Yourself.

you and everyone else around will suffer her wrath

I will go for the military tactics but I don't know one, so ask my cat to dig it up


This is,a very amazing joke,,

Train your pets to slap her back, added bonus, she can't blame you for nature doing it's thing.

@traf, you must love him, don't you slap, that's rough

They have the real power and don't need a telekinetic power,

All of them are same.

Unstoppable funny .That is correct when anyone's wife is irritating.

women to power heh that I like

@traf what fun it was to always have all that power
I loved this very funny meme

Just imagine what Magneto could do. I bet he gets all the ladies.

Gif from Giphy

ha ha ha have or do not have powers they are always quaimatizadas

Hahahha, this is mad bro. You might just kill yourself

xD this is so true.