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dude i found your wife doing pole dance at the strip club..

When she is coming at you, act sleep and don't try to get up. Otherwise, you definitely be hammered :D

Traffy, I feel like she got an itchy at her backside lol :D



poke them in the eyes, play dead, climb up a tree: I think that's more or less how you deal with bears/wives


I don't fear to bears, but wives :/ Lol :D



Nice funny

Geez Traffy your wife is fat and hairy...just the way you like them!


i prefer a bear from grindr these days


She must have a lucky man to not tell her it's time to shave.


she's far more hideous underneath all that hair that I view the hairiness as a natural paper bag

I don't know how you bear it


reminds me of those pun hashtags i skip


you were very speedy with puns ( I hope you get this one)


Oh dear.

Lol, my wife, too, very original decides to approach sexual dances for me, it seems it also excites her, ha ha ha


guess your wife doesn't shaved her puss either eh?


Lol, today it is necessary, for the script of the dance, haha

I saw her at the swingers club downtown dancing with some short guy. Man, she put on the moves.



no that's just me
no one wants to tag us in at those clubs so it's a waste of time


That is funny. I look at this and my son says... "Why are you laughing?" My face turns red.

Amazing action

I will quickly run to her and set her down before she injures herself...


I like how my wife dances, only the floor shudders :))) ha-ha


ha ha. Poor sosodi.

YES Actual footage of my wife trying to put on a sexy pole dance for me
images (6).jpg

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am wating for your funny pos@traf

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No happy with dance my wife.D:

Actual footage of my wife trying to put on a sexy pole dance for me

Hahahaha very nice funny
I like it meme😄😄😄😄

HAHA GREAT Dance for me

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keep it up

so funny man.. you are grate.

So funny.....

gap between expectation & reality u expressed. @traf


If you ask your wife for sex in the woods, but no one else is there to hear her say no... did she make a sound?


Lol. My wife no longer dances for me. She shudders at the sight of a pole :))

Girls always try to be sexy, here a clear example



Sexy legs

sir ,why you biar it and how it possible, so nice thanks por post it

They said dmania couldnt work, and here we have a rating 74 blog that posts funny gifs. haha
And theyre quite funny to be honest. :D