in funny •  29 days ago

When your family is asking you why you can't be more successful like your brother at the Christmas gathering

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Btw merry Christmas bud :)

Yeah, bragging about my crypto investment this year didn't impress as much as I would have liked. I'll move out of the basement when I feel like it mom, sheesh


worst thing living in your mom's basement is that you can't keep your girlfriend locked in the basement

Dude don't forget you are the example of their success! I mean they can't be that success, until they figure out how worst their life can be!

You showed them that worst example lol :D



don't mess with Hal the cleaner

Lol, I can not listen to such questions, especially after the party, when I do not remember how much I drank on it, haha


looks like he's practicing his jedi powers

Give them a one word answer they'll have no clue how to respond to...


Haha I like to remind them that the I'm the black sheep, which is a rare breed in the family. Kind of like the GTR in the skyline family


Don't puss out. Remind the old man that Bill Gates is his mate!