Second Thoughts

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When your friends force you to go bungee jumping and you start to have doubts when it's your turn

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Bungee jump according to my standard of height.


was just someone they caught with a fishing line played in reverse

What’s the worst that could happen?

Let’s add one more life threatening thing to this equation

I can understand it considering they have hired ex convicts to assist with the jump


woah, it's not fucking sparta!


Thanks for you.....

Yeah it was a cautious moment! But every dark cloud has a silver light :D

Traffy, when she tightly hang me, I could jump with or without the cable lol :D



if it's going down with my wife, i'm glad the cord is on my back, and I won't hug her very tightly and make it look like an accident


Hope your wife will not see this lol :D


best friends push each other

gif from giphy


they should visit niagra falls next

Lol, when my girl began to doubt, in her turn, I had to easily explain to her that it was time, ha ha ha


at least you have the rope for safety
she won't need it, she's use to getting dumped

Why do I get the feeling that this is the kind of Traf post that you can only reply with an impressive gif, I mean who's going to notice you switch on the vibrator to give you an orgasmic jump?


that's a lot of vibrators under the laundry basket

Dont give them a choice just boot them off!

Looks more like a massage device :>

It's happening with this guy there ..

hehe lolz dude

. Le 13 janvier sera peut être la dernière fois, que les habitants de ce beau pays qu’est la France, pourront massivement démontrer dans le calme, leur désapprobation envers un pouvoir..

Here is what he looks like after the jump.




funny and nice meme.

it was great funny lol

Hahaha,,, Amazing funny,,
I appreciate your meme,,

Lift with your legs... on second thought I got this.

it is very beautiful funny. i for you appreciate post.

Thursday craze – While we hope that you've been having a productive and enjoyable week so far, it's time to start turning our thoughts towards the weekend.

On second thought... Funny ..

Trending GIF shocked no way gasp baywatch sudden realization gena lee nolin well maybe neely capshaw on second thought

Very nice funny.
I appreciate your funny.

Sometime friends are worst than dog :(

Very nice funny😄😄

33 Gifs You've Never Seen

when you get a chance to take revenge with your Ex-girlfriend !

lol the rope was tied with that boy


hey, it looks like you found an easy way, copy the gif that already stands in the comments and this is the second time repeat, I advise you to think with your head


you are misunderstanding with me I didn't noticed that you uploaded same gif first.

On second thought – Worst colouring book ever – These guys made a backyard bowling alley with pins on a string! – George would be proud


animation anime Asu no Yoichi gifs lol nervous snakes

This is when making predictions becomes a Hercules task. Very funny meme indeed.

Take a seat | On second thought – “Oh crap I'm on the big screen. Play it cool” – Apparently bears have massive tongues | and are awesome party crashers

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When your tarzan friend force to jump you on shit ........

On second thought

Global funny GIF: Grandpa, you are not lame a second ago? How can I recover from a beauty?
0GVWW12Q80 (1).gif

asian lady ages 60 years in a second

Lol. Do not you want to jump? Okay :))

Love is sweeter the second time around

When your tarzan friend force to jump you on shit ....

very excellent fun4f9a1d8db0c54ee54a244106b3c6baa0.jpg


You will be like; "are you sure I made the right choice???"

Thank you so much for the appreciation.

This is why I don't go bungee jumping, peeing in my pants is just not the kind of fetish that I enjoy.

Hahaha,,, Amazing funny...
I appreciate your meme