Pulling A Face

in funny •  6 months ago

When the girl pulls a face as soon as she sees you approach hoping you won't hit on her

Gif from giphy

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Dude I also do the same when I feel she just coming to buy a free drink only lol :D



and you'd look even worse if you pulled a face :p


hopefully that's her face when she climaxes


everyone on negative mana :(

Hopefully her tinder profile is a side portrait


haha depends on which side

No need for that, she wouldn't be my target anyways


I guess if you aim low enough they won't have to pull a face

How naive. She just lowered herself to my level.


well I wouldn't go quite that far

Lol, u see me?.. :)

Wow fantastic funny 😁😁 post of the situation I appreciate your valuable content