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Me and my wife :D

Traffy, I think this might avoid all consequences lol :D



definitely a good idea, so you don't get annoying ass kids like mine

My advice to protect herself..


dude, stop telling them that
it's hard enough for us guys at it is
unless it was advice for guys

If it only it were that simple. haha


it is, according to most guys with stds

Lol. In some cases, I always read a prayer. Helps, and maybe because of the fact that men have more than once nebylo...


try anal

My defense is a banal chewing gum, never failed. Haha.


ahh, yeah we all get them stuck in our teeth from time to time



It looks like she is hoping to get lucky.

And I think she will catch something.



poor bastard has been friendzoned by princess peach since before most of us were born

Apply only Bond James

Hahaha oh lol funny post

Банан и презерватив вот мой безопасный секс. 100% гарантия .Ха-ха.