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Who said it's like a bell :D



well, they do call it the bell end you know

I thought he was italian not brazilian. The guy your wife was having an affair with


ahh, well either way that's him being bled dry by my wife then

It is necessary to do an epilation urgently. as they did not begin to grow on the chest. haha


oh shit
wife must have asked for the chuck norris

Lol. Better you will give up Brazilian sex, this is contagious and your wife's hair will appear on your head...


good for launching a pie across the room lol



At least it's a Brazilian and not leg hair. Not easy having sexy time when you feel coarse sandpaper legs.


wouldn't make the top 20 reasons of why it's not easy have sexy time with my wife

That's when you ask for a Brazilian handjob.


that's some porcupine hands they must have

It reminds me more of me...wainting for her to finish on the bathroom....or for her to park the car👍

what is this toy

It is necessary to transport his wife's hair during sex :)


The problem is she's got cooch hooch growing in there as well.


and billions of hairs

You are right @traf , it is very difficult to find a pussy in her hair :)

Come on man! It can't be that bad ;-)