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You know you're lonely when you look forward to telemarketers so you have someone to talk to. If only that special someone would buy that vacation package for a recurring fee of $99 a month to my credit card.


there are numbers you can call where you pay and a woman talks to you
actually not sure if there are any more

Dude this is me when I heard a female voice at other side of phone lol :D

Anyway Traffy, I don't think your wife got a call from telemarketing guy! It's probably your new GF and I wish you good luck lol :D



like when the wife is calling to check up on you and you're telling your girlfriend to shut up

Haha still though, better than jehovas witnesses. Never know when they will pop up



he needs jesus more than anyone at that moment

these old phones with the cable :D


smartphone nowadays


who needs a proper telephone connection nowadays?


i dont remember how long they were in use


Don't worry Rihanna got rid of them.


i wonder if she hit her mark

Haha I have a much more effective method of dealing with telemarketing

Lol, calm down.. :)