Got A Smaller Glove Doc?

in funny •  5 months ago

When you change your mind about getting that prostate examination at the very last moment

Yeah, I'll think I see a doctor with smaller hands, thanks

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Hahaha...Thanos huge hand will destroy his anus.

I’m not a tattoo guy, but if I were to ever get one, it would be the phrase ‘exit only’ and placed right above my asshole


good thinking
I got one reading 'one way' but it's ambiguous

Don’t knock it until you try it. You might not be able to sit down for a week, but it might be the type of pain that brings your sex life to the next level


trying to convince thanos that the last infinity stone isn't up there

When the contents of your garden tool shed are the same as your proctologist's medical instrument collection, it is time for a new doctor.


yeah I'm always gardening with my infinity gauntlet
i was trying to think of a gardening activity and all i could come up with was 'gardening'


Thanks for you....

It’s this mentality that’s discouraging Black people from becoming doctors!


i'm not a porn star, i can't afford to be politically correct here

You would enjoy Dr Shaq i reckon Traffy!


why do people keep trolling me with this guy? who is this guy?
i don't do music and i don't do sports

Lol, when you think about the size of the instrument, the doctor will soothe you with an abundance of lubricant, ha ha ha


he's going to have to use 3 tubes of lube

sometimes even giant gloves aren't enough for the prostate examination.

yes, it happens to me and I still can't walk.


well that's definitely more than a foot long

Don't think that he can feel anything with this hand...

No chance.


Hahahaha very nice funny 🤓🤓

The doctor : "sorry I'll go to the second step to finish the consultation .."

Wow.. small man so,Most Big Hand..
Great funny..
Love you @traf

That's a great funny, I love meme.
Thanks for sharing, keep it up my
dear friend ....

Thanks for sharing this post, I love this funny.
I appreciate this meme. all the best.

That reminded me when Peter Griffin went to doctor and got a prostate examination.

Doctor "molested" him, lol.


Excellent fun, thanks

Thanks for sharing this post, I love this funny.

Wow.. amazing funny post.
I like funny. thank you @traf

Very nice funny
I appreciate your meme😃😃

wow very nice funny


giphy-downsized (32).gif
Intelligent parrot

that's a big ✋ hand and small man.
Great funny post.
All the best @traf

Your comments are a lot of fun

got a small handed Male/Female Doc !! Now you can try this easily for your tinny hole : )

Funny thumbs up


how funny it is