Err...I Got This

in funny •  6 months ago

When you lied on your CV and you're given your first task at your new job

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Reminds me of a dream I had, except I forgot my backpack, and I realized I didn't have pants on, and everyone was laughing at me. Come to think of it, that was yesterday and I don't think I was sleeping. I probably shouldn't respond to job ads when I'm on sleeping pills anymore.


you're abusing your RC like there's free psych treatment on here

Lol I almost managed to match the task.


lol some cats are fucking stupid

In my job we called it as pass the ball to other one! No matter it's your first job, sometimes the work done by our boss at the end lol :D



nice header
wrong sport tho

fake it til you make it


yeah that guys definitely going places

I feel for such a will be really too bad.....he person's existence will typically be good for nothing

He didn't even throw it up.

That's a goal first step taken ;)