Employee Of The Month

in funny •  5 months ago

When you got completely wasted last night but had to get up early for work

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Lol yeah I had to buy shares in an alarm clock company.



i guess thanks to you sales are up


Thanks for you....

Lol, my wife always wakes me up on time, to work, especially after our stormy night with her, ha ha ha


stormy eh? Guess you share a woman with trump

Kids aren't going to drive the school bus on their own!


I dunno, there's a 19 year old that stayed down a few years

Lol. When your colleagues look at you judgingly, trying to understand why I did not sleep and what I did all night :))


guess we all work as familiars at hogwarts

WTF you are still working? You said you get early retirement with STEEM at $3 :D Isn't it?
When your boss found a millionaire working under him, you might get busted lol :D



my boss is worth hundreds of millions at least
he cooks the best meth in the city

This early bird has worms.


can people stop referring to my penis on here please? It's a private matter


Please is that a quote, adage or what? Never heard of it before @mineopoly.


It is original based on:

"The early bird gets the worm."

The phrase: " The early bird gets worms" has several meanings.

Look up: "Get worms" in google. You can also get worms in tequila. Somehow a joke is not funny if you explain it.


Oh! Now I grab it. Thank you.



You must be a workaholic for you put up a dance when awaken to go to work.
So funny.

The owl is more happy than tired :>

That was a disturbing moment myself.

funny meme........great to share


Every night this is happening with me. Very funny meme

Hahahaha very nice funny
I appreciate your meme.

Really funny sir

Lol..funny moment sir

he he he 😁😀
So nice funny.
I appreciate your funny post.

Actually, those moments only understand employer people. What can I do I don't understand? I regret myself. Why I waste my last night.

Thats how i look when i am at hospital and i have to attend an emergency at midnight ^^

employee of the month

Comcast employee of the month

GIF Wednesday: Nathan Fielder, Employee of the Week/Month/Year

Wow he he 😁😀😁😀😁😀😁😀
So beautiful funny.

Animated GIFs by 1jE70 on PopKey

The best employee of the month who was well-engaged in his work was the best man's month

Employee Of The Month GIF

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Funny running dog


Very funny. He must be working for the whole continent.

award it to the employee that deserved it for the following month. It was a simple and cost-effective way to let our team members know they mattered and ..

ha ha ha,,,, very interesting funny.i love your funny.

Feeling That The Employee Of The Month Didn't Deserve It

He gets my vote for Employee of the month


what the heck was that? It's really weird.

lol yeah. I went to the steam forums and everything is in Chinese

hahahahaha great funny

giphy (2).gif
Playing birds.


I basically feel like this every weekend

@traf, this is so cute and funny. How do you come up with such great lines?
Love it.

Gago, Employee of the Month (November 2016).