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When you pretend you have a peanut allergy just so you can leave a boring dinner party

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Lol, when I realize that I need to leave this boring dinner because of my wife's conversations, I always say that I'll go find out why my dish has peanut taste, haha


damn, i guess it works pretty well on dates too


this is like a single player version of reddit right now

LoL traf, I always leave a boring dinner on the pretext that it was not worth offering me peanuts at the table :D


i'm not sure if unzipping at the dinner table is considered well mannered

Oh yeah @ traf, when at dinner it gets boring, I have an allergy urgently and I go there where it's fun


i think his friend his bashed his face it and blamed it on the peanuts

Haha well every party for me is boring if it doesn't have booze.



you spelled boobs wrong

Dude you remind me how I left my last gf by saying Cats are allergies to me lol :D
Traffy, you made a right decision like I did there lol :D



haha allergic to pussy
good excuse

Lol. That's when there is no peanut on the table, the most difficult is to come up with an excuse to leave with a boring supper

My tactic is a little bit different. I say "I go to the toilet". Than I climb out the window.

what kind of party is that, that uses peanuts ???


I asked my selfe the same question!