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No matter it's a dating! This is me when someone try to eat my Burger :D

Traffy, WTF you are doing with that long teeth? Never let her put your d!ck into her mouth lol :D



looks like she's hit you over the head a few times there for not sharing


Looks like she's hit you
Over the head a few times
There for not sharing

                 - trafalgar

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


screaming helps

When she asks for something different from what you asked for and repents because your food looks better! xD


ya but that's cos i'm not a vegan like her


at least she's eating healthy

That's my wife after my payday comes around

Gif from Giphy


damn, scratching her head like she doesn't know you
that's cold


that's so cruel, f.... her


too many gold digger

I'm afraid I must refuse her, these ladies swallow everything entirely. Ha ha.


lol but it comes in handy sometimes too right


what about straight things???


thats not sexy at all

Lol. It is necessary to prisecat all actions at once, otherwise in a dream it will bite off it entirely :)


cats are venomous


they sure look like, I hate those bitches


the cat just wants to play

Seems like you lured her with a little chum. Oral sex will be particularly painful if she uses her teeth.


it's ok
just have her remove her dentures

I think it was not worth it to show her a hamburger on the first day. You could not know how hungry she was. Haha


at least you didn't stick your dick out


soo stupid, really

are you really ready to risk those teeth for just a bit, that must be really a good burger

dont let her suck your ...

@traf read in between the lines, she's actually trying to show you how she swallows

I think he learned that move from @yallapapi


Just tell her it is a veggie burger

I can not give you a bite @traf of my hamburger because with that big mouth I would eat it all not

When a lady wants something, she will do it, be careful. Ha ha.

You're going to need a bigger burger! :)

Are you still sure you will resist her?

She also can do the same thing to your cock, be careful!

Wow fantastic shark , let,s going bot eating..... hahaha

Just throw them away and find the next table lol

je je @traf with that mouth you would eat it all? and I also want