Bad Hair Day

in funny •  5 months ago

When you're at the salon and hate what they've done to your hair but are trying to politely hide it

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when i told him that i want hairstyle that make me look older...

It's a little bit easier for men. But I can't imagine what will occur if it happens to a girl.


well pay like 5x more than us too lol

“Looks good, doesn’t it?”



well you look perfectly fine from the sides i guess


The greatest compliment a fat man like me can read.

Btw @traf head over Here I’m upvoting every comment on the post. And considering your living situation. You could use it.


Thanks for you...


Spot on! Nailed it 😋

Until I see myself through a mirror, I think I can be polite :D



this happens every time with my wife
i'm starting to suspect it's not the hair

Haha I love my new hair, these are screams of excitement.



she's forced to donate to trumps wig

Lol. You better come to us. You will get not only a haircut, but also a pleasure :))


shit, better her than the other barber in the background i guess

Reverse Mohawk

hair cut.gif

Don't worry. I'm not the one getting a hair cut.

That's my teenage son.

I'm the one in the green.

Have a great weekend.

Sorry about the bad hair day.


and downstairs it's known as the reverse landing strip


Wow,,,, funny



Thanks sir,,,

Where It is hidden all this politeness Mr Trump !!

Lol, when to me have made such hairdress in interior, to my indignation there was no limit, ha ha ha

What a cute dog! He seems so surprised :)

he he he 😁😀😁
So great funny.

Vengeance will be his!

@gantlebot and @traf and @trafalgar that's great man.


You are copy my comment

Last time he did not pay me for the haircut. Now I'm avenged :))

A Bad Hair Day

It was my first sex experience, my girlfriend was so gorgeous after 2 month relationship we agree to sex. I was more excited than her but on that day i started kiss her and after a while both of us became horny ! But after undress her i was searching for hole to jump in but there was only hair and hair ....... it was like i'm searching a little cave in vast Amazon !!
yeah that was actual bad hair day....

All shits happened for this fucking Scissors

That's so funny












Who do you think you are @spammingcomment?

Monty Python?

Thank you for your transparency. Still I think somehow transparency bot will shove his two cents in.

I don't know about courtesy or politeness in such situation because am gonna lose my money and beauty.

funny gif lol GIF by ViralHog-downsized (1).gif
Fuuny cat

Yeah, I can totally relate to that.
I've had everything from my beard to my sideburns screwed up at some point.

Barbers can be funny sometimes.

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the bold day of hair