Backing Your Friend Up

in funny •  5 months ago

When your friend is telling his wife 'We just had a few drinks, I didn't so much as look at another girl, let alone hook up with one! Tell her, dude!'
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But then my wife gives me the evil eye

And I shrivel like a leaf


you need to hold your ground
if it all falls apart, blame it all on your friend

When you forget what to say, the friend also backing you up lol :D

Traffy, better shake head in right direction and stay smile. It might good for your health too lol :D



ya that's why you don't want a slow friend
especially if your wife is easily suspicious


Always, always tell your friend before hand, so he tatters less


That,s look nice funny... But I really liked it..D

Agreement Confidentiality..


ya Obama knows the bro code

Looks like your friend's wife has become open game.


well anything's an upgrade from mine
so I'll take it

As far as my wife knows, I was at a charity raising money for students to go to college. Now, yes there were some titties, but those girls deserve an opportunity to pay down those student loans as much as anybody else.


you're also the Dean of Admissions at Harvard


I see you have a great heart

Lol. I always ask a friend to nod and clap in my support, even if I'm blatantly lying :)


doesn't work as well if they're the one you're lying to

Ohhh No.. he didn't hook up with another girl..

We hooked up with the same girl......


Even the wife is confused now

Why are friends always more terrified than of my woman? She only kicks my ass.

the bro code

The guilty face look! I've seen that one before!

Thats matter was really funny 😂hahaha

Lol. A friend will always support, even in old age. We'll lie. How much did we drink, and how old were the women :)

Haha it's true.everybody act like that


I feel for this brother but he really needs a back up plan.

dats d bro code
bros b4 hoes

hahah that one friend is important

Hahaha amazing funny 😂...