Back Handed Compliment

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When someone congratulates you for looking great post-op but you never even had gender reassignment surgery in the first place

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Two years ago I watched the Miss Busan competition, ( South Korea’s second largest city). These were the competitors

Either they were all sisters or they all clipped the same picture and showed it to their plastic surgeon


2 of them were brothers

Trump got it right in the first place. Just grab them by the pussy.


with someone like that it's really 50/50 what they have down there


@Trafalgar, easy please. How would you know.

Congrats on the baby Traf

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doc is recommending c section but i think i'm going to go the old fashion way and push it out of my pee hole


You know, a good way to tell if your she used to be a he is by their hands. She may get a great nose job and a new set of tits, but the last thing on the list is going to be those man hands. If she's got a handshake that can crush your bones, that's your sign. Unless that's your thing of course, then more power to you.


trump use to be a woman


Thanks for you....


You are great sir


Your sense of humour calls for a Guinness book of records I tell you.
Obama is gone and jokes about him has stopped. Sorry Trump, you have to bear it all for now.

There are normally some dead give aways if you look hard enough!


damn tuck it so far in it's half up your own ass


Feels better that way Traffy


Finkle and Einhart. One of the greatest movies ever!!


Some of Jim Careys best work!

You have just saved lots of money, post surgery pains and time loss, and you got the boobs to show for it.

This why you should never interrupt a person complimenting you.


be worse to have the surgery then change your mind and have your old bits back


Thanks for you

Being blond is the secret to getting a good cross-dressing compliment.


i'll keep that in mind for the next time i cross dress

Very funny meme


Thanks my dear friend @gentelbot


Really Very funny

Once my friend said, he had a sex with gender re-assigned woman (previously man)! While sex my friend found she was a man before :D He entirely pissed off and told me, if you want to find the correct gender of a woman who she was man before, just check her neck! You can find a difference there.
So, now I am checking necks of woman as step #1 :D
Coz, I need natural born tits, nor d!ck which is cut off :D


It's difficult to know who to make a move on these days.

wow very nice fun

Joke: A guy sits on a bench - sad, pre-mature, almost cries. A young girl approaches and asks:

  • What's wrong with you? You feel bad?
    The guy does not look up:
  • Yes, we decided with my girlfriend, at the same time make a plastic operation to change the sex. AND…
  • So what?
  • Later it turned out that she was joking ... So, trust after that, to the women!


Cis person: Were you born as a boy or a girl?
Me: I'm a boy
Cis person: But what's in your pants?
Me: Underwear
Me: Hopefully

ha ha ha :D

That is awkward than having balls massage.

Oh thanks i always suspected it but Brittney Speare's is a man..thanks for confirmation Traffy!

Ha ha awesome funny post.thanks for share

Some people just have very familiar faces. Others just confuse the opposite sex.

Pretty boys, always popular with the girls....and boys too

Wow that's great funny.
I appreciate your funny post.

Nice funny.
I like this your all funny post @traf.

This very beautiful funny i like it..

hahaha.... very nice funny...
I like it this funny...@traf
Thanks for sharing valuable post...
I appreciate your meme....

My dear friend @gentelbot and @traf you are very intelligent.. please come back my dear friend @gentelbot.... good luck my friend @traf.

a good way to tell if your she used to be a he is by their hands. She may get a great nose job and a new set of tits, but the last thing on the list is going to be those man hands. If she's got a handshake that can crush your bones, that's your sign. Unless that's your thing of course, then more power to you.

Ha ha ha...... Very funny meme.

@gentlebot you are a great man. I like you

ēkabāra āmāra bandhu balēchilēna, tini liṅga punaḥnirdhārita mahilā (pūrbē mānuṣa) saṅgē ēkaṭi yauna chila! Yadi'ō āmāra bandhu sēksa pā'ōẏā yāẏa sē āgē ēkajana mānuṣa chilēna: D tini sampūrṇabhābē naṛācaṛā karachilēna ēbaṁ āmākē balēchilēna, yadi āpani ēkajana puruṣēra saṭhika liṅga khum̐jē pētē cāna tabē sē tāra āgē'i tāra galāẏa cēka karabē! Āpani ēkhānē ēkaṭi pārthakya khum̐jē pētē pārēna.
Sutarāṁ, ēkhana āmi dhāpa# 1: D hisābē mahilāra ghāṛa cēka karachi
Coz, āmi prākr̥tika janmēra tits praẏōjana, nā ḍi! Ck yā kāṭā haẏa: Ḍi
āpani ki jānēna, tini āpanāra byabahr̥ta ha'la sēguli tādēra hāta diẏē balāra bhāla upāẏa. Tini ēkaṭi mahāna nāka pēśā ēbaṁ ēkaṭi natuna sēṭa pētē pārēna tits, kintu tālikāra śēṣa jinisa yārā mānuṣēra hātē hatē yācchē. Yadi sē ēkaṭi hyānḍaśēka pēẏē thākē yā āpanāra hāṛakē cūrṇa karatē pārē, tabē ēṭi āpanāra sā'ina. Yadi tā nā haẏa tabē abaśya'i āpanāra kāchē ārō kṣamatā.
Sādhāraṇata āpani yadi yathēṣṭa kaṭhina dēkhēna tāhalē kichu mr̥tadēha'i aways dēna!
Āpani śudhu pracura artha sañcaẏa karēchēna, astrōpacārēra byathā ēbaṁ samaẏa hrāsa parēchēna, ēbaṁ āpani tāra jan'ya dēkhānōra jan'ya boobs pēẏēchēna.

Āpani kēna ēkajana byakti āpanākē praśansā karā ucita nā birata nā kēna ē'i.
Du'i bachara āgē āmi misa buśāna pratiyōgitā dēkhēchi, (dakṣiṇa kōriẏāra dbitīẏa br̥hattama śahara). Ē'i pratiyōgīdēra chila

Good funny post, I like that. I hope you will be continuous funny content.

An backhanded compliment is a comment which is by all accounts an affront yet could likewise be comprehended as a compliment. An backhanded compliment is likewise a comment which is by all accounts a compliment however could likewise be comprehended as an affront.

Ōha dhan'yabāda āmi sabasamaẏa ēṭi sandēha kintu Brittney spiẏāra ēra ēkaṭi mānuṣa.. Niścitakaraṇa ṭryāphira jan'ya dhan'yabāda!

wow very nice fun

You're a very attractive person Traf, a face of a woman, and a size of a clitoris, what more can any transgender ask for?

hahaha nice gif i have ever seen
thank yiu @traf

Once my companion stated, he had a sex with sexual orientation re-alloted lady (already man)! While sex my companion discovered she was a man previously :D He altogether annoyed and let me know, whether you need to locate the right sexual orientation of a lady her identity man previously, simply check her neck! You can discover a distinction there.

In this way, now I am checking necks of lady as

Coz, I require regular conceived tits, nor d!ck which is cut off.
@traf your are great man for Steemit.
I appreciate your Every funny post.

Looking very beautiful this post.

A compliment that infers it isn't generally a compliment by any means. She paid me an underhanded compliment when she said my work was "shockingly great."

%%%%%%%$$$$$there are normally some dead give aways if you look hard enough!$$$$$$

An underhanded compliment is a remark which is in every way an insult yet could similarly be fathomed as a compliment. An underhanded compliment is similarly a remark which is from every angle a compliment however could moreover be grasped as an insult.
Thank you for wonderful post.Best of luck

Pastor Impregnates 20 Women of His Congregation and Claims God Told Him To - Pastor Timothy Ngwu



All these spiritual secrets and deceit, when will it ever end.

He likes to hire women to look at my ass haha either we men are relatively despised by their side

hahaha.....very funny meme.looks very beautiful.

You know, a great method to advise if your she used to be a he is by their hands. She may land an extraordinary nose position and another arrangement of tits, however the keep going thing on the rundown will be those man hands. In the event that she has a handshake that can pulverize your bones, that is your sign. Unless that is your thing obviously, at that point good luck with that.

Much obliged you @traf

My students wishes me,"you will live 💯 parsent". Lol#