The Ideal Gift for "Crypto Experts" at this Instant Moment

in funny •  4 months ago

Hey my lovely ladies and gents,

Unfortunately, my LOVELY 5-day holiday to Cephalonia has come to an end and I am back home again, but I had the time of my life. Amazing place, INCREDIBLE beaches, delicious food and GORGEOUS women (of many different nationalities) in one place. I can't complain, can I?

However, I know some peeps who are probably complaining right now for the constant fall of the prices. Here you go fellas....The ideal gift for you from a souvenir shop in Fiscardo, Cephalonia...

Listen, I am still not sold on Steemit being the life-changer some folks make it out to be, but I can guarantee you that if you sit tight on my Cephalonian souvenir, your arse will never be the same again ;) ha ha ha!!!!

On a more serious note, yesterday I decided to sacrifice 673 of my 1,673 SBD and I bought 900 Steem with it. That's a good deal, huh? What do the "experts" think? Good move, no? Steem's price is about to moon (at some point in the next 400 years) hard ain't it?

I want confidence and bravery now that things are tough. Worry not, I have a feeling that Steem will do it again soon....And if not, you know what? There's always a bigger size if you search hard ;) LOL

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Νομίζω έιναι η κατάλληλη θεραπεία για να ξεχάσουν τα γραφήματα !


χαχαχααχα! Αν μου έλεγαν 3-4 μήνες πριν οτί θα το διασκέδαζα τόσο πολύ θα έλεγα οτί μου κάνουν πλάκα!

Oh my God! lovely:) very funny:)

ayto tha pei poutses roz!!!xaxaxa!!! :)


Που να δεις και τις θαλασσιές 😂