Move Forward - TGA Comic

in funny •  15 days ago
Due to the price drop of STEEM in the last couple of months in 2018, this gif animation reminds me how STEEMIT INC is trying to move forward to bring SMT alive.

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What do you think about adding advertisements to STEEMIT? Probably a good idea isn't it?

theguruasia at STEEMIT.COM
theguruasia at WHALESHARES.IO
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For sure, steemit should be about all the different ways to make money online with the blockchain! Advertising is a huge part, steemit May be totally missing the boat on this one! I don’t mind looking at a few ads if it makes me a million dollars in the long run! Lol


Absolutely correct bro! I think this might be a better ads platform than FaceBook! I hope STEEMIT INC will plan things very well! Then this might be the best way to boost everything!