A Live Footage - TGA Comic

in funny •  25 days ago
This reminds me a live footage of current crypto market. Let's say it's a market for traders. But personally I am not recommending sell crypto at this market prices.

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Anyone knows why crypto stucked at this market prices?
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Bro, last night I had a dream that BTC rocketed through 9k! Maybe it is a sign? Anyway I am going to listen, stop selling my STEEM, and maybe even buy some dips! This means capitulation in BTC May be coming soon!


Yeah bro I think it's better stop selling STEEM at this price! Probably we can see a huge bull trend soon!



Yup, something will happen and turn us around and when it does it will be so fast every time u blink your eye BTC will be up thousands! I’m thinking this next dip may be the bottom! Sometimes my dream predictions take longer, still could take 6 months or years even, something tells me possibly in May, but at least we know however low it goes to, it will be back!
I had a dream stock market totally crashes years ago and it is finally playing out now! Possibly in May the S&P has the capitulation candle from my dream too, which causes btc to finally moon! It is all happening my friend, hold on it is going to be a bumpy ride! Call me crazy, but it appears I now get all my info from the beyond! Lol Happy New Year!

Really cute! I agree with you, selling crypto at this market prices is not good decision....