And I Shall Call Her Tammy2

in #funnylast year

Allow me to in introduce our newest employee. I shall call her Tammy2


According to CNN Business, these robots will be scrubbing floors, scanning boxes, unloading trucks and tracking shelf inventory at mostly domestic U.S. locations. Robots will replace lower-level jobs—serving in janitorial functions as well as performing basic inventoryl)) work—in order to manage rising costs.

The 'unit' in our store only does inventory tasks thus far, but we have others waiting in the wings to usurp our positions.

Mechanization is coming whether we like it or not. Guess I better bone up on my blogging skills and pad out my investments.

I just realized my pic is sideways, but I don't know how to fix it lol. Oh, I have much to learn!


And they don't complain and won't unionize! They'll never ask for a raise!

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So true...guess that's what the world is coming to lol

Tammy has been flipped. :-)

Hahaaa...thanks for flipping me on my ear!. That's how it looks in my phone but esteem flipped my pic lol.

A trick I've tried ... open the picture on your phone, then take a screenshot. Uploading the screenshot seems to work.

I don't know what's changed recently, but I find many uploads are getting the wrong orientation lately.
(For me, I thought it might be an iOS update that flipped a bit)

ha! such a typical human mistake, the sideways photo! lol. Hey I can see scanning inventory and vacumming and sweeping but unloading trucks? I think you'll be retired before that happens. Plus, how can they ever replace customer service people?

I don't know but they are replacing people every month or so. Interesting times, to be sure.

Are they replacing them starting with the least in seniority? And do you have alot of that? I hate to hear this stuff. Walmart has always been one of the biggest employers.

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