New Amanda Johnson Parody Video Starring Winklevoss ETF Drama, Sponsored By The Future of Bitcoin

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Full title of video: 5 Reasons Irina's Aunt Likes Cryptocurrency Starring Winklevoss ETF, Bitcoin SegWit/BU


I've been making videos and working on a new AI secretary that can craft articles for my Steemit blog. I'm collaborating with a local robotics company and they're interested in combining AI writing software with their new robot and seeing what she can do on Steemit. STAY TUNED! It's going to be nuts.

Also, I was in Bloomberg News recently too:

It's been a crazy last few weeks, and I've got some new projects cooking that hopefully will materialize soon.

Life is good again!

In order to fully get the parody, you need to watch Amanda B. Johnson's video from the Daily Decrypt:

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Haha you made my day, thanks 😹

You're very talented stellabelle :) And not just in this video. All of them. They're really good and very entertaining. Very nice :) Keep it up and take care :)

Your talent should be given good grades, a good video and funny, I love it. thank you for sharing @stellabelle

You and Amanda are the reason why I finally got a dash wallet and I still don't have an idea what I am actually getting into :) but i know now more than ever that it's the right time. I must keep on studying very fast. So , please continue to smoke that cigarette, learn some German for me 💅And teach teach and teach more .... Fabulous sister and inspiration ! "When the money is there ....the money is there" she is so HOOT ! @stellabelle


a ha! You should join us in the Slack app.....


Would love to ??


I get dizzy when I see numbers and I don't even know how to transfer my few steem whatever into my new awesome glitter wallets ( dash and exodus) they need to be spiked up soon ! 💄

I don't know which one was the one I liked the most.

wow that's nice


you are welcome

so funny!! looks like you had a lot of fun with this

(grabs more popcorn)

Life is Good and Bad, you choose...

hahah funny

Bet you had a blast putting this video together! Good job on the Russian Amanda B Johnson impersonation! I wonder if she'll see it?


She already comented on the youtube video.
Great one!


yeah that was the coolest part


I did have a bit of fun, yes!

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