The Seniors’ Facebook: Creepy Quirks Of Social Media Culture...

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The cultural dynamics that have developed in tandem with the growing popularity of social media since its inception have been rather strange at times...

Perhaps humans have always been a little odd and eccentric in a variety of puzzling ways, yet the digital playground platforms - such as Facebook, in particular - we’ve come accustomed to utilizing as the space for an increasing amount of our “social” interactions have provided contexts in which our human quirks have become magnificently amplified and magnified.

All the weird little habits, customs, and cultural protocols people have developed in the virtual realm... some of them would just be borderline insane, were we to exercise the same behaviours in “real” life.

Case in point:


Moral of the story:

Deduce it for yourself. 😎

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It is funny the habits we develop, isn't it? Years ago my friends kept trying to get me on FB, since of course it has more value the more you get everyone you know to use it. I was like, "Uh, no thanks."

But then somehow I signed up and I can now say I'm pretty much hooked on it. It's the one place I can stay in touch with people from all the places I've lived around the world and all my nieces and nephews who are scattered across the world. As silly as these little "updates" are, not nearly as meaty as what we write about here on Steemit (at least the people I follow on Steemit anyway), it really is the little stuff that makes you feel the connection with people you love but aren't in the same place with.

If we were really together, I would know what they're eating because I'd be eating it with them. I'd be taking that walk with them, so wouldn't need to see the photo of that beautiful view they saw. So it is silly, but also very nourishing to the heart that misses friends and family afar.


Yeah, Facebook is definitely a double-edged sword, as despite the aspects that’d be good reason to walk away from it, there are still certainly advantages to retaining the channels of communication with the select few whom we do truly appreciate maintaining contact with, as it does/can serve as a great bridge there...

Only old people use Facebook nowadays. At least that's what my little sister tells me.

She made sign up for Instagram, but god damn that looks ridiculous for anyone who isn't a hot woman looking for attention :P

I may be getting too old for this...


my wife's 8 year old niece also signed up for Instagram recently, and she (my wife) was rather (disturbed?) by it and some of the totally ridiculous stuff this kid is posting.

I definitely have respect for the parents who deny their kids access to social media and/or smartphones and iPads...

One principle I have so far adopted in life is to discard whatever doesn't add value to me and imbibe those that really add value.

I look at facebook from the perception of being a distraction, a big distraction indeed. Yes it is a social media but the big question is - what have I really benefited as a person? What positive impact will I say it has in my life? Aside meeting new friends, how many of this friends have I really benefitted from in terms of Intellectual enlightenment. (just my opinion)
These are few of the pertinent questions I asked myself before finally ignoring the platform.

We learn everyday and I am someone that loves to learn from the best. The Advent of steemit was just the best and exactly what I needed. Posting on facebook especially things about myself was one of the most difficult thing I tried doing. Its is a social platform and not all information about our personal life needs to be shared for security reasons.

The truth is that facebook is a very strong social platform and very very addictive, the major issue I have with it is the fact that that, I dont get to learn as much as I do here on steemit. Intellectual write ups here really has so far enriched me. To some it may favour them, but to me, it has not one bit aside meeting new friends.
It's obvious that the role of the psychiatrist there at the end of the short story is to really check the extent of insanity as well as help the writer get over the gradual madness.

Its so laughable what Facebook and other social media have done to us

Facebook is a social tool for making friends but it has now eaten deeply in our cerebrum especially our youths.

People upload their social activities on social platforms thinking that they are really having fun not knowing that they are exposing themselves to many things such as kidnap, rape and even blackmails.

A friend of mine posted a semi-nude picture on Facebook in our secondary school days...right now a propaganda has been used against her and the worst of it all is that she is currently running for a political post in my local government, orumba north LGA.

People flaunting their pictures and locations on social platforms are now at risk of kidnaps and rapes... They are simply making it easier for their predators.

Furthermore, even the friends and followers you talked about are now ironically the order of the day to some extent...some people now follow others on Facebook just to witness their down fall.

Above all, it has driven away the zeal to read and concentrate in the lives of its victims.

The Facebook has done more harm than good


jeezus, that's some crazy shit.

I dunno if it'd be accurate to say it's caused more harm than good, as both have come of it. ultimately, it's a tool - which can be used or abused, and the differentiation comes down to a matter of the consciousness, responsibility, and wisdom of those using it...


Exactly, well said!

La tecnología avanza a medida que las necesidades humanas lo demanden, sin embargo el ser "humano" se ha dado a la tarea demostrar su vida privada de manera frívola tomando riesgos insospechados, terminando por aparentar y mostrar una cara de "algo que no es en realidad.
The technology advances as human needs demand it, but the "human" being has given himself the task of frivolously demonstrating his private life by taking unsuspected risks, ending up pretending and showing a face of "something that is not really".


I like the way you do the split-column translations. :-)


Thanks, me gusta que la gente que no habla español, pueda entender mis palabras. Greetings from Venezuela, friend.


Hello @kantos, I am open and always willing to learn. Do you mind s sending me the markdown for the splitting column. I would live to know how you did it. It really looks beautiful.
You can reach me on discord @cyprianj#5165
Or you can send me yours so I can reach you.


Hello friend... See you on the Discord.

Funny how couples quarrel over shit that's said on social media. They claim it's super important.

And I am like, "If just one of you didn't sign up for this shit, all problems would literally disappear."



yeah, I've been through that ringer. thankfully, we grew through it and have wisened up so as to avoid such situations by simply being more mature, conscientious, and wise about our use of the tools...

When elections, Facebook and others social media are used to spread hoaxes or become a means of spreading black campaigns to defeat political opponents, at least this is seen in Indonesia. Social media is not just to build social relations, sometimes it damages it when users are not wise.

Hahahahahahahaha Oh My Goodness it is totally an epic Senior's version of facebook. I am pretty sure his followers must be trying to "block" him but I thinkhe has put some privacy :P

This is so true that the technological advancement has decreased the human's trait of social animal. There is a deep message in the above funny story and the message is very much serious as it says we have minimized our social life in terms of physical interaction. I do personally feel that technology has improved our standard of life in terms of gadgetry but has weaken our social bondings, sad reality !

😂😂😂😂 epic!!!! A facade of unrealistic had me at, and tell them I like them

The thing is social media accredit for the cheating, lying infidelity, most people rely on it for closure in order to run away from the harsh reality which sometimes can be intimidating really.
My opinion is that one can never apply social media methods of making friends in reality because the relationship seems real while that of social media seems like a ruse or a facade, however not in all situation but in most, this is basically my opinion Rok.

Loool am certain the senior citizen would've had a lot of time to cool off in a mental word if real.

Got nothing witty to add... I just felt it was funny

"A gentleman in the virtual world is the psycho in reality"
"FBI don't give a damn to the principles of Facebook"
"I was being followed by the right people for the wrong reasons"

Anyways, It was very sarcastic. You gave me a reason to think. Glad!


@rok-sivante, Ha ha, Seniors example was awesome and in my opinion it's great to hear the Facebook Culture in practical life, and just imagine everyone is spreading the message of Hello, this is my friend request.

And literally Facebook really made human beings as machines and that means no matter what, people push themselves to see or open Facebook even then they don't want to open.

And Social Media nowadays gives the gift of trend and that means, if something get Viral then for sure most of the people will start doing it no matter what the logic behind it.

And sometimes these kind of Trends can go either way and most of the time people just do for the Social Recognition or in clear words people think that they will going to become famous.

But literally that seniors version Facebook is just awesome and in my opinion, that is really fun to imagine too, and also imagine how much crowd will going to increase if this would be practical. Ha ha 🙂

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

I totally understand @rok-sivante, Facebook is really affecting a lot of people's normal way of thinking and doing things in real life.

I know some people who had misunderstanding on facebook and it affected their relationship in real life.

In this sophisticated era, many people join various social media, but it can be said to be real, but many of us, Facebook has become a necessity in life. we all know the virtual world and the real world are not far different, but all media have become a basic human need.

This's hilarious😂😂 Moral Deduced: Work hard to get a good result.... He took up the tasks in senior's version of fb to know how fb works, and he got the idea at the end. Well done @rok-sivante

there are so many differences between us, some are really in a case, there is also a lot of time to spend. and there are also desperate people like me who are desperate in the steemit world because they have no support, what I want to ask is how can I get support like you? and what I want more is to get support from you, thank you


Earn it by putting what I’ve been teaching the past two years into practice.

I support where I am inspired by the value created for this community. That’s about as simple as it gets.

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And, if your focus is on getting my support, you are valuing the wrong things, and have not been learning what I’ve been teaching.

As per my last post on Real Wealth, you’re seeking monetary fruits before cultivating your internal value.

Such is an approach guaranteed not to earn my support in rewards.

The support you do have from me, however, is in the teaching of wisdom and insight I’ve left behind, such as that in the last post. Take what’s there, absorb it, and integrate it by putting it into practice, and your rewards will be far greater than any measly votes I could give you at this point.

My support is not giving men fish, but teaching them how to fish. and if you’re looking to be given fish rather than be willing to invest the time and energy to learn for yourself, your entire aim is drastically off...


Thank you for the lesson that I was reading all the beautiful things that I have been wrong but in front of me I will try to make a good post and keep trying not to despair Hopefully I can get a lot of support without stopping. And I will start making pisting again and revive this withered spirit, thank you


The best simplified advice I can offer:

Forget about winning/seeking support, and refocus on creating value.

First things first...


I want to at this point join my voice to this.
I hundred percent agree with @rok-sivante
. @takin, I am a living testimony to @rok-sivante advice and injunctions. Do as he has said, and you are sure to excell here faster than you had envisaged.
The dirty dozens was one of my most fascinating article when I joined newly. Its really worth reading.
Good luck @takin.


I will continue to be delayed, because I have not posted for a long time and today I am starting to post again, hopefully it will be a success quickly so that I can get more enthusiasm


note @cyprianj's reply here in case you had missed it

most people do like strange and strange things. indeed this human is difficult to guess. as you say that social media will make it easier for us to relate to one another, even social media can also give us wealth that will make us millionaires. Facebook, Twitter and steemit are one of the thousands of social media in the virtual world today. and now steemit is something that must be there for me. thanks @rok-sivante.

Ironically though, did you see this on facebook? haha! Because i did! Priceless!

I tried to leave Facebook
And want to continue to work and create interesting content content on this amazing platform

Man, haven't had such a laugh in a while 🤣
It does work exactly