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Whatever humour works for you, it is great. The important thing is to have a sense of humour. And not to lose your sense of humour no matter how tough life gets. Actually, it is when times are hard that you need your humour most.

Come what may, Life goes on. So, we might as well just relax, and take it easy – laugh and be happy. When we are happy and at peace, we are able to deal with the situations of the everyday life better. Hopefully, the following memes and quips will bring on a chuckle or at least a smile. They are not mine. I collected them from Facebook pages, and some of them came through whatsapp messages.

drink 1.jpg

drink 2.jpg

drink 3.jpg

drink 4.jpg

drink 5.jpg

drink 6.jpg

drink 7.jpg

drink 8.jpg

Drink 9.png

Drink 10.jpg

Drink 11.jpg

drink 12.jpg

Add a subheading.png

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ th - Copy.jpg ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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lol! These are fantastic sir Vincent! I love these things.

I am glad you liked them. :-)

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