The Epic StarCom Station - 80's Flashback

in funny •  last year

The 80's represented some of the best toys in our modern age!

Perhaps being a bit bias towards this period having grown up partially in it, but the toys in the 1980's entertained so many and seem on another level of enjoyment with simplicity -- compared to what many kids have today.

Here's one of my top pics the Epic "StarCom Station".

Do you have any favorites from the 80s?

-- originate

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Wow! Great funny video..I like it..Thanks for sharing this post..Best of luck..

I think Lego still had this beat. Although, this was great also. Simple toys that made kids think while playing, good old days!

Such a positive and funny video, I resteemed)

Love the grown up hand models doing all the playing :)

Yea nice retro throwback