The Future is Green

in funny •  9 months ago 

I know that for some of us it's hard to remember, but........

After Winter Comes the Spring!



Green is (will be) the New Blue





...has its reward!



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ouzo and out,

Patiently waiting for you....

Though all feel it coming,
Few can let go.
Reap, now reap
And keep
What you did sew.


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I see heaven in photography #1!


Heaven is waiting patiently for you.

Oh yes, Our Favorite Spring will be in a month!

For Me? Awwwww


Yes, for you, of course :-)


Let the green be all over after white

Green is the color of my true love's hair
When I rise in the morning, when I rise.

I say I can't wait for spring...... like I have a choice. :)

Spring is waiting for you - but you have to make the first move :-)

I think the future is rainbow, summer, spring, winter and co comes so who know colour they brings?

Here's a contrary opinion.

Oh! You give me hope
You give me laughters
You give me smiles
You wipe my tears away!

What could I do without you?
My dear, dear....
See what your ‘green patience’ has done for me!

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Obviously Spring has sprung for you!

Lol Faster and spring and everything is green :), otherwise you can forget

Oh, you don't like Spring?

Bring it on!! Green is looking damn good right now after the three dog nights we have been having. LOL


When that green starts to appear after our longggg months of grey it's party time...wait, when snow begins to fall it's also party time...when a friends shows up at the house it's also party's ALWAYS party time! What was my point? Hee

Party on (is your point)

If you drink 2 or 3 ouzo you will always be in summer... :)


As soon as January is done, I have my Spring hat on!!

Selfie tomorrow, or it didn't happen!

It shall be so!

And yes patience is the key

Where is the lock?

On the shop :p

I totally agree, patience has it's reward and I am waiting patiently for the bull markets to come in whenever that maybe.😄

Why don't you help create it instead of just waiting :-)

OK, how do I do that?

buy buy buy :-)

Yah, I understand. The problem is that, I don't have the fiat to buy.

Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.

Spring brings freshness and life to things and it also makes the environment green and lively again @onceuponatime

Really? I didn't know :-)

Yes!!! That's great funny one...

Upvote and resteemit done..

I looked for one of your posts - and couldn't find one.