Date in your senior years, but wear your adult diaper, you secretly get in the mail ... UGH!

in funny •  10 months ago

So I'm watching a Hallmark movie, commercial comes on this nice looking older woman is lonely, wants to meet someone, thinking it's crazy at her age, she discovers a website catering to men and women her age AWESOME ….makes me think that's cool, age doesn't stop you from getting out.

Then what comes on directly afterward...a freaking commercial showing how embarrassed this 'older' woman was having to buy depends...but wait there's a web sight you can can get them delivered to your door concealed in a brown box...NO one will see YAY

Whoever controls the way these commercials are set up, very funny ha ha NOT got me thinking oh I can still date at an older age but then it's like be sure you wear your adult diaper!...ooohhh how sexy is that.
2018 is going to be a bumpy ride I can just feel it. Looking forward sharing this crazy think called life with 'you' my steemit friend!


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