15 More "Fascinating" "Facts"

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  1. The word cocktail comes from the plucked rooster tail-feathers that once adorned fancy drinks. Nowadays umbrellas and frosted sugar is preferred.
  2. Sprite used to contain 5% duck urine.
  3. You can get stains out of almost any surface using lava.
  4. The N in Guns N’ Roses stands for “Nissan”, the make of Axl’s first car.

  5. Snap, Crackle and Pop’s parents, Graham and Gillian, jointly chair the American Onomatopoeic Society despite being deaf.
  6. There is no such thing as DIY in communist Cuba, as there is no word for “yourself”.
  7. Cod has three dorsal fins, two anal fins, and one on its knee, the Neil Finn.
  8. If you hold Annabel Langbein’s cookbook under your chin and your chin glares yellow, then you like chocolate cake.
  9. Fish learn how to swim in schools.
  10. Gazebos were conceived as a place to store one’s camels by the Bedouin, gazebo being Yemeni for garage.

  11. The song “Budapest” by George Ezra is, in fact, the national anthem of Hungary.
  12. Since 1994, if it was not made in Bra-zil, it is against international law to call your breast support garment a bra
  13. The Hollywood sign is so big, you can see it from Sweden. Its presence prompted Ace of Base to pen their 1992 hit song “I saw the sign”.
  14. The hilarious 1990 hit movie “Nuns on the Run”, starring Robbie Coltrane, was originally about a street urchin who accidentally meets, and later falls in love, with an undercover Princess, and was called Aladdin.
  15. Caerphilly cheese came from a recipe found in a book in a farmer’s attic – his name was Mr Yllihpreac (Caerphilly spelt backwards).

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