15 More "Fascinating" "Facts" - 20 Feb 2018

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No character in the series of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" actually knows what you did last summer

Crabs can have up to 80 legs and 15 arms

Snow falls upward. Its downward motion is just an optical illusion.

Cats can change their hair color to make it more visible when shed on clothing.

Snakes are the only animal with a digestive system that does not fart. They can fart, but don’t out of politeness.

Fingernails are made of the same substance as computer cases, coat buttons, and waffles.

The light bulb was invented almost a hundred years before the candle.

Guns n Roses were originally called Guns n Cottages

Carnivals and fairs were once enemies. Whenever a carnival set up near a fair or vice versa the two would have vicious fights, killing many patrons.

The longest train ever assembled stretched 154kms, entirely from its origin to its destination. Thus it was also the fastest train ever recorded, having made the trip in 0.00 secs

You can easily pick any lock by staring at it until it feels guilty and lets you in.

Suits and ties were originally swimwear, but became the proper dress for business after the beach meetings of 1891.

All other cheese are made from cottage cheese. Thus it's also known as "The Father Cheese" or "Cheese Zero" in some regions

Pronouncing the word "Yarn" is actually slightly damaging to the vocal chords.

Vowels were once considered dirty letters, and it was forbidden to use them in public words.

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