The new variety is sluggish, the old variety is "resurrection", and the IP restart is behind the market

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Net news, the star imitation show that has brought countless laughter and laughter to the audience will once again set sail. This program has been broadcasted every year for five years after bidding farewell to the audience. Most of the netizens heard the news and went down. The old program "Resurrection" always led the nerves of an old fan.

In the market, there are many low-profile returning of the old-fashioned variety shows that bid farewell to the audience. After four years, "Easy Time" returned to the audience's vision with "Standing": Last year's "Mama Mia", which was absent from the screen, was also re-opened this year. Starting... Restarting the old-fashioned variety show is becoming a weapon for the market to retain the audience.

Multi-brand veteran variety restart

Not only has this year’s "Standing", "Mama Mia", which has returned to the variety stage, as early as before, there are "2016 Super Girl", "Happy Boys of 2017", "New Dance Forest Conference", "The Voice of Chinese Dreams, Next Stop Legend", etc. The "resurrection" of the show returned.

“Super Girl Fast Man” is the first climax of the variety show in the history of TV variety in China. Many of the players who have come out of it have become the backbone of today’s entertainment industry. The program has been restarted after more than ten years, and the market environment is facing It is already very different.

Also returned more than ten years later is the Oriental Satellite TV ace variety "Dance Forest Conference". Since its launch in 2006, the program has a good market performance, and many professional dancers shine through the show stage.

In the restart of the "New Dance Forest Conference", in order to adapt to the changes in the market environment: the program competition system is "de-evaluation", which is scored by the audience; the show guests are on the stage of the star-studded artists, and the artists with zero dance foundation can also be on the stage; In the program presentation, it combines the characteristics of more network comprehensives and adopts the "drama-style" variety narrative.

The "Mama Mia" that was once stopped last year was not the first interruption of this program. As early as the second season in 2013, the show was suspended for one year. The third season was not successful until 2015. I met and started broadcasting for 6 years on the 6th season. "Mama Mia" quietly disappeared for two years.

In addition, the "China Dream Voice" landing in the Chinese market in 2013, despite the aura of the American reality show "American Idol", but the outdoor reality show is popular, "Chinese Dream Sound" can only be used in two seasons It is not described as warm.

After a period of silence, the "China Dream Voice" series "The Battle of the Scorpio" was broadcast in 2016, and the "The Voice of China Dreams" was launched in 2018. The old IP of "The Voice of China Dream" is still I was pulled out from time to time.

At the same time, in 2015, the in-depth interview program “Easy Time” hosted by Yi Lijing disappeared after the first season broadcast. It was announced in 2017 that the second season will be announced. The guests include public figures such as Wang Yuyu and Yu Yuming. But it is a waiting for a long time.

Until 2019, Yi Lijing hosted the "Stand" officially broadcast, according to the program guest lineup, "Stand" is the second season of the "Easy Time" previously announced.

The old-fashioned variety show is re-emerging and is becoming a "new member" of the variety market in the past two years. The variety show that has been stopped or even disappeared for many years has been brought to the stage again. What are the interests of the platform and the program group?

The diverse benefits behind the restart

For platforms, advertisers, and content production teams, there is no doubt that there is a lot of convenience in restarting old-fashioned programs.

First, reduce the cost of publicity. In the past, old-fashioned programs often have a certain appeal in the hearts of the audience. Therefore, the use of the old IP's residual heat to create momentum for new programs can achieve effective gathering of the audience's attention. For the "New Dance Forest Conference", the old label of the "Dance Forest Conference" can be used to incubate the new program, which can greatly reduce the cost of the program.

Second, reduce trial and error costs. In addition to reducing the cost of the announcement, the re-launch of the old program can greatly reduce the trial and error cost of the new program. Old-fashioned variety shows often have the system and mode that can withstand the test of the market. They only need to adjust and adapt according to the aesthetic changes. The development of new programs not only requires more effort from the team, but also a greater chance of mistakes. The effort is likely to be lost. . In the domestic market where the trial and error space is small, there is a loss of carelessness, so fewer and fewer platforms and teams are willing to participate in this “gamble”.

Third, continue the old IP life. While the new program enjoys the convenience brought by the old IP, the old IP is also being restarted and given new vitality. For the brand "Quick Boy Super Girl", "2016 Super Girl", "Happy Boys 2017" and other programs are an effective continuation of their lives.

Fourth, the market is popular. Whether the old-fashioned variety can be selected to restart depends on the development of the market. “The trend is a reincarnation”, and it is also the same in the variety market. Perhaps today’s explosions have been very popular many years ago, and as content producers, in this “reincarnation”, they are starting up again. Starting from scratch, it is better to step on the shoulders of giants.

For example, the dance craze set off in 2018, "This is the street dance" and "Hot Blood Street Dance Group" have been broadcasted one after another, and this is reminiscent of the first domestic star dance competition "Dance Forest Conference" many years ago. At this time, "New Dance Forest Conference" Appeared at the right time;

2018 is also the first year of idols, "Idol Trainee" "Creation 101" became the whole network explosion, the same as the show "The Voice of Chinese Dream" from the singing draft to the men's team, the women's team draft "The Voice of Chinese Dreams" · The next stop legend is also considered to be the same.

Fifth, the advantages of advertising investment. In addition to the trend of the big environment in the variety market, the first movers of the investment promotion, whether they can impress the brand owner is the key to smooth broadcast. For the old-fashioned programs, the brand owners naturally value their business value, including not only the advertising exposure, but also the value-added effect of the old IP on the brand credibility and reputation. This is the benefit that many new programs cannot achieve.

However, the old-fashioned variety show that seems to be stable and profitable has also shown a greater crisis in the industry.

The road to restart is thorny

Resuming the old-fashioned variety show is a microcosm of the lack of innovation in the variety market. The proportion of new variety shows has dropped significantly, and it has become a major problem that cannot be ignored in the variety market in recent years. In the previous review of the Q1 variety show this year, there are statistics: 2019 Q1 in the variety show, only five major front-line TVs have as many as 14-segment N-generation returns to the screen, and the proportion of the N-generation is as high as 48%.

At the moment when the new variety is difficult to produce, the "Resurrection" veteran variety has become a weapon for the platform to retain the audience. And this weapon is a sharp edge or a fragile delay, it seems that there is already an answer.

None of the "Resurrection" veteran variety market performances can compete with many years ago, and such "return to the light" is also rapidly consuming the original IP audience.

According to the Baidu search index, the popularity of the "New Dance Forest Conference" is not completely unable to replicate the brilliance of the "Dance Forest Conference", and the program has rapidly risen to the peak in the early stage of broadcasting, and it has shown a continuous decline in the later stage. Rely on the original IP and star guests to get a good attention, but the subsequent weak performance.In addition, "Super Girl" Douban score from 8 in 2005 to 4.7 points in 2016; "Happy Boys" from 7.1 points in 2007 to 6.3 points in 2017; "Chinese Voice of Dreams" from the first quarter 6.2 points, to the "Chinese Dreams of the Voice, the next stop legend" 4.4 points... The decline in word-of-mouth has almost become the inevitable restart of the old-fashioned variety.

Many old-fashioned variety shows are a rich mine that can be developed, but the rough mining method determines the “fast food” attribute of restarting the variety. The re-creation of advancing with the times, the courage to re-start, and the courage to try new mistakes are the sharpest blades in the thorns.