Media Fusion Avoids "Ray" Guide: Beware of 10 "Fake Fusion" Trap!

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1. Multi-platform release does not mean the expansion of media influence. At present, some media have excessively pursued the so-called "all-media release", and they can't wait to use only one reporter to complete the release on 100 platforms. However, is this important? Is it effective?

We must know that the media always uses content as the king, and high-quality content can form a connection with the audience. If your content does not work, it will only increase the channels of distribution, and ultimately, you will not encounter the pain of users. So for the audience, the multi-platform release you are pursuing is nothing more than adding a few noises to them.

2. Institutional restructuring and construction of technology platforms do not represent the realization of media integration. They are only a prerequisite for deep integration of the media. After these basic work is completed, it is imperative to match the content and services with Internet temperament for the media platform.

The final transformation of the media is to achieve content innovation, model innovation and user deep connection, rather than simply upgrading the production model.

3, mobile priority is not only mobile first, content first. In the Internet era, when terminals go with people and information turns around, media organizations implement mobile priorities, and they need to tilt from mobile, content, manpower, and capital to the mobile side, and improve the position and voice of mobile terminals in the media matrix. .

4. All-media talent does not mean that decathlon and one person should pick up all. Comrade Xi Jinping’s requirement for all-media talents is to cultivate inclusive and expert talents. Convergent talents should have integrated thinking and Internet thinking, and understand the practical skills of integration and communication. Professional talents must have specialization in the industry, be good at innovation, and focus on original research and development.

Therefore, convergent talents and convergent teams are not necessarily the full mastery of talents and skills, but should be the integration and upgrading of talent collaboration models. Those who are good at doing things that are good at it, and simply pursuing the decathlon can only cause a decline in reporting ability.

5. Only using high-tech innovative reporting forms is not a true media integration. Technology upgrades are the first step in media convergence, and there is no doubt about this. However, the black technology is cool, and the final result is still the audience has the final say. On the surface, formal innovation is often the most direct and most likely to be praised by leaders. But leadership likes is not the ultimate goal; audiences like it is the real skill.

How high is the conversion rate, how big is the effect of media integration, and innovation in the form of communication is important, and strengthening content is the core, so don't go wrong!

6. Financial support is only a booster for media integration, not a straw. Faced with the overall goal of media integration, the state gives financial support to the media units to a certain extent. At the same time, it encourages media organizations to conduct reasonable operations within a certain scope, solve the development problems with operating income, and at the same time feed back the news and publicity. In this way, the news propaganda work does not conflict with the business operation, but is a complementary relationship.

It is the sustainable development of radio and television media to ensure the news and publicity of the financial security, and to innovate the business model within the scope of the business system and carry out enterprise management.

7. The construction of county-level media is not only the matter of the county government and the county-level media. The county-level integration of media construction is related to the comprehensive transformation of the media from the central government to the provinces, cities and counties, and is the key to the comprehensive opening of the three-level communication system in the provincial and county levels.

At the local level, provincial media should actively deploy and explore a collaborative and co-construction model for opening up local communication resources; municipal media should also make good bridges, take the initiative to grasp the opportunities of reform, and not wait for policies.

In this process, the upper-level media should further deploy the media as the overall situation, assist the construction of the grass-roots media platform, and do not deviate from the original intention due to economic benefits.

8. Radio and television media should not rely too much on commercial Internet platforms. The cooperation mode of “entering” has advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, the Internet platform is aiming at the “sinking market”. Many organizations have taken the initiative to invite local radio and television to settle in their own platforms and enrich their platforms with the content produced by radio and television media. For the broadcasting and television media, borrowing a boat to go to the sea is indeed saving money and worrying, but it also faces the embarrassment of high-quality resources.

Therefore, the way to borrow a ship can be borrowed, but you must not rely on it. In contrast, radio and television media with relatively good foundation can build their own new media platform, which is more conducive to the protection of their own resources, and no need to make wedding dress for others. The basics can be implemented jointly with the provincial media platform, so as to concentrate the core resources of the radio and television system, which is conducive to the communication and sharing of information and the construction of mainstream positions.

9. It is not advisable to use “identity” and the inertia of formulating fixed salary and fixed positions. At a critical time in media convergence, maximizing the productivity and creativity of people is a key factor in a smooth transition.

As a matter of urgency, the radio and television media is to break the identity difference between the editors and the non-staff personnel, use a ruler to measure talents, evaluate performance, and open up the channel for the outsiders to release the potential of talents.

In addition, there must be separate standards for the construction of the new media personnel system and the design of the assessment system. For example, the amount of publications, readings, subscriptions, and revenues generated by the platform must be counted through scientific proportions and included in the scope of assessment.

10. Don't stare at the website and H5's page views. The real concern is the conversion rate. The efficiency of content dissemination is not high, and the impact is not big. It depends on how many conversions are formed. The infinitely accumulated data of page views does not reach a certain magnitude, and the significance is not great. For media organizations, pageviews can be an important reference for optimizing content, not self-proclaimed capital.


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