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Me moving to BitcoinLive is kind of what the Bird did.
Sorry it took so long to upvote! More to come so keep posting!

Contact me on steemchat.


I thought you had given up on SteemIt already. Thanks for coming back and bringing my reputation back to positive values!

where's the source?
like, really?
if i posted something like this, @steemcleaners would be all over me

· - did u not read the comments on this post of yours when u got flagged by them the first time?


"Please refrain from using #photography for posting art, posting graphics, posting other people's photos without proper attribution or explicitly stating it's not yours."

Well, I followed exactly that. I didn't use the "photography" tag. Have I?
And I included the source, too.

So, can you please let me enjoy the ONE and ONLY vote that took my account out of negative values?

PS: Where were your votes and comments when I posted content of my own? Don't be a hater, man.


tbh, i only just found this post whilst looking at after reading a post someone who is in a flagging war with @haejin wrote ( which is none of my buisness...

i guess im just upset that i wrote a post like this and only got $8 for it, yet a post with 5 words and a gif makes $33. and then a comment on it makes $30

seems the ones with all the money dont give a rats about the people that are struggling.

hell, my 'fk this, i quit steemit' post made 3x as much as my introduce myself post.

it hurts to try, and get pittance, and seeing the rich get richer.

i been eating ramen for the past 8 weeks cos its all i can afford.
its not you personally im having a dig at.

but surely u can write stuff?
take some original pictures?


Yes, I can... and I have. But after the BernXHaeg fights, my account was left with -10 of reputation. I thought there was no point in posting original stuff if no one was going to see it.

So I was just going to post funny pics and gifs until my reputation was recovered.

Here are a few examples of my posts:

As you see, their rewards are 0.00, 0.03 and 0.36, so I understand your frustration.

Still, I hope I don't get flagged because you called that bot. Coz if I do, you'll just throw me into SteemIt's Blackhole for another 8 months or a year. :-(


of those 3 posts, the first is a dozen words, and plenty of videos... nothing too flash, 2nd is just a translation of a site... nothing too flash. the 3rd is actual work, and is actually worthy of being voted.

but the posts before those were plagiarised / not your own content, and the stuff since has been also.

i DID actually take a look at some of your posts before opening my mouth.

That's kind of sad.

Have you heard of the book 'Animal Farm'?