In a Far away Land of the Money Swallowing Snake

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Hello Steem community! How are you all doing hope fine. Am writing this post and smiling despite being vexed by some losser who out of the evil of his heart decided to down vote my post for no reason @j0m3, you would get yours as I believe in karma.

Always! Back to our story!

And it starts as thus, in a far far distant land, filled and blessed with abundant mineral resources of all kinds I.e gold, oil, tin and other to numerous to offer.

A land that has vast vegetations yet to be discovered and exploited. The inhabitants of this land where great and habitable people with rich culture.

But the land had a big challenge, a monstrous snake that was dreadful and had a passion of how can i put this now, swallowing or eating stash of money kept in hiding and in safes.

Well on this faithful day, the dreadful python happened to to eat, I mean swallow, or uhmm do something to make a whole stash of 36million Naira vanished into thin air! Oohh I mean vanished into the snakes stomach.

And all hell broke lose, some inhabitants were dazed and stumed as to how the snake stole into a huge safe with locks and bolts.

Some brave hunters grouped up and decided to hunt down the snakes that have been terrorizing the good people of the beloved land called Nigeria. So the braved up and wore army regalia and armed themselves with locally made pistols and promised to rid the land of this snakes startling from the South west on the lands.

Others sought more diabolical ways by inviting snake charmers to the said location in other to retrieve the snake and rescue what might be left of the 36 million Naira in hard cash.


But the snakes on hearing this information where rattled and made a shocking revelation, that, while they where guilty of many crimes, there was no way one of them could have swallowed a non living thing talk more of 36 million naira cash. This they said via there chair snake person.

Finally, the allegation was put on one of their own, since not that they where entire innocent, they had shed blood and destroyed farm lands and killed farmer's. So it was only right one of the snakes should take one for the team.

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The End at least for now!!!

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