China: Glass bridge cracked at 1000 meters high ... But the accident is fabricated!

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Video enthusiasts posted pictures in the mountains of northern China's Hebei Province and sparked a scandal among Chinese Internet users. The video shows a man walking over a glass bridge when he took this bridge cracked under his feet ... but in fact it was just a joke many people considered a heavy joke!

This scene occurred on the weekend in 2017/10/07 on a footbridge from the east side of the Taihang Mountains. The glass bridge is located at 1180 meters above sea level and has a magnificent view at the foot of the mountain range. But this bridge suddenly cracked when he was passing over a tour guide and he and the tourist regiment with him panicked.
However, these faults are not natural: cracked glass is only a kind of "special effects" installed on a part of the bridge for the purpose of "provocative". This is what the Taihang District Administration said after the video drew criticism from Chinese Internet users who considered the joke to be far from sadism.

Provincial Department "apologizes"

The district administration has also apologized to social networks, especially the Chinese platform We Chat, for the anger provoked by the video. But she did not say whether the screens that embody the cracks would be pulled or not, and even hoped that "people would come and try to do it."
Many Internet users said the scene may be fabricated from the ground up for promotional purposes. The Taihang administration confirmed the story, saying the man knew the bridge would "crack".

Previous incidents related to Chinese bridges

But more importantly, this joke did not appeal to Internet users. In 2015, the glass crossing of the Yuntai Mountains in Henan province cracked this time. And closed after it caused a great panic.

In June 2016, the owners of another glass pedestrian bridge in Zhangjiagang staged "safety tests" to reassure the public about the strength of the bridge before it opened. Several large cars came over the bridge and some men hit the glass panels to prove there was nothing to fear.

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