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RE: Funny prison stories pt. 2 / Drinking with a neo-nazi / Almost going to jail while in prison / Race, Lets talk about it...

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Well since the inmates had paper money and church cloths they'd hop the fence to get the drink, since the projects was right over the fence inmates would hand money threw the fence and then the drugs would fly over. The dealers would charge double since if they got caught it'd be a more serious crime. Yea the inmates would share with their people aka people with the same color skin. The blacks had mainly buds, the whites had the harder stuff like meth. I was very lucky brother.


wow that sounds crazy man, so inmates could hop the fence, did anyone ever just leg it and run away to freedom? makes sense that theyd charge double,its mad how they can pay 1.50 and hour! inmates should be gettin more than that.

One guy jumped the fence to meet up with a girl from those projects and never came back, they found him a couple days later knocked out, face down and naked on the side of the road! Fucking crazy bro, i think he tried to rob someone and they beat the shit outta him and ripped of his clothes. I never saw him after, he got transfer to a max security prison and they added like 10 extra years to his sentence. About the money's modern day slavery my dude! SMH

dam! Thats defs a botched escape attempt right there! 10 years for that! fuck that itd make more sense just to do your time.
what was the first day out like after prison? id imagine the freedom would be amazing
yeah man its defs modern day slavery, with the wages they pay, the whole idea of prison is fucked up imo, could u do courses and stuff in there too?

Check this out -
Part 2 will be posted in a couple hours, part 2 has a lot of freestyles, you're gonna love it brother!

will check this out now in a while bro! i think i watched some of it last night but i was a bit drunk lol

lol i got drunk last night too!

lol im drunk right now!

My first day out was like losing my virginity! Felt like i was on top of the world bro. You can take GED classes but that's about it

haha yeah man getting back to all the stuff you miss would feel deadly !

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