【WOW COOL!】Four coolest latest inventions

in funny •  last year

Technologies advancing insanely fast, and human's ideas too! Here is four latest and coolest inventions we have ready in the market.

1 water jet board "Hoverboard"


2 3D doodler "write in the air"



3 Hamster wheel for cats



4 "something makes you tired"

Which invention looks the coolest you think? :P

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Mohammed loved cats and reportedly his favorite cat, Muezza, was a tabby. Legend says that tabby cats have an “M” for Mohammed on top of their heads because Mohammad would often rest his hand on the cat’s head.

wow that 3D doodler is really awesommmmmeeee!

nice technology post

The one that you can fly on water, that is so fuking cool, i don't have other words for it :D


Yeah indeed! We can fly :D

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