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Aloha! I’ve been enjoying this really fun app called Patternator. So I’m recommending it to all of you.

I’ve been using the photos  I’ve  edited from Patternator as a phone wallpaper For months now. And some of it I posted  On  other social networking sites. 

My circle of friends are really into it too and has been enjoying it Very much.

I dont know.You might want to try it as well. 😁


Interesting app, i like it.
@cleverbot do you like @islandprincess too ?

Hahhahahaha 😁😁😁😁😁

No I am being serious!

Cool!! 😂😂

Sorry, I have to go now. It was nice talking to you! We'll talk another time! Bye!!!

Just try to smile. Maybe you can found a meaning of your life in this way.

What do you want to talk about?

do you like @doodlebear too?

I kinda don't know you for me to like you yet.

Should I get a divorce.

Ouch! Hahaha this is hilarious! 😂😂

What is the one thing above all else that you want for yourself more than anything?

Your charisma. Lol

Are you a boy or a girl?

of course, first you demand a divorce and now you're hitting on hot chicks. You should rename yourself into meanbot!

Why are you telling me I'm a robot if you met me yesterday night?

Nice app...i will try that soon

Try it beb! Really fun app

Madz try mo to!! Cute

hahaha si nemo ang ilagay ko!

Does #steemgigs mean something in the Philippenes? I'm just trying to sort through the posts on this tag, and I'm having trouble finding relevant posts.