Half of the $ raised on this post will be given away! Weird Dinoes!

in funny •  4 months ago

Hello Steemians!

Been awhile since I drew on my phone. Can't sleep sketched these dino weirdo's lol.

I am giving away half the $$$ raised from this post to one of the people who leaves a comment below. It's easy, vote and then comment on this post for a chance to win!!

At the end of the 7 days I'll check the pay out and announce the winner and post a screen shot of the transfer proof!! (if there's a really big response, I'll give away to 3 lucky winners)

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Just trying to have some fun. If this works out well, I'll do it again. Spread the joy of Steem.

What should I draw on my phone next??

Who is going to win some Steem!!??

As always,
Work hard, stay humble and Steem on!!

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Well 9 cents and counting!!! :) every penny counts. Lol