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RE: Are you keeping an Eye on the Crypto Markets?

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Hey @darsico! Sorry to ping on your post (if there’s a better way of contacting you, don’t hesitate to let me know), but, any chance you'd like to try our new cross platform mobile app? We've added things we feel are missing from steemit like push notifications, user mentions, and chatting with other users. We’re also giving away free STEEM if you invite new users to the app. You can download the app here for iOS:

or here for Android:

Here’s the github if you’d like to audit the code yourself:

We're always looking ways to improve the app, so if you have any feedback feel free to DM me in Vapor!


No problem come by anytime you want and advertise your product for free and up vote yourself on my post with no reciprocating upvote, but to tell you truthfully i think the WAY you have chosen to promote your software on Steemit has fatal marketing flaws, it is all in bad taste to post and with no upvote means your just a bot who's not reading my post and you are not really appreciated here. please at least leave an upvote next time.

of course! my apologies! As I said "if there's a better way of contacting you, don't hesitate to let me know". Any suggestions on how I could've done better reaching out to you?

thank you for understanding, and i will check out your app ...

Happy to hear that. Again, don't hesitate to DM me in vapor!

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