Stealth Mission

in funny •  5 months ago

When you saw your boss walking towards you in the shopping mall during working hour.

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Ha ha During my working hours, when I see my boss in a shopping mall, I ask him why you are here Lol


lol classic. i bet that happens a lot


Ha ha yep..more happened.


Great comment, following YOU!

hahaaa...with my luck I would wind up on the six o'clock news and he would see it anyway


Breaking News!

Hahahah.... Well, you are gonna do the unthinkable to escape the query that comes with the situation...

wow, you have strong guns! i guess hiding from bosses make us go ape! :P

Haha! Dig it.

hahaha, just say. Your office hours and our college class hours, there is no talent. After reading the hour, I have to go to work.

Maybe he's a bro and films you so you can make a cool gif :)))

time to escape perfectly !!!

Haha i will be happy to join you boss

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hahaha StairsMan, what barbarous.... invite visit my post

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Amazing! Thanks for being a blessing and sharing!