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This is another fun #haturday post initiated by my Steem Mommy, @saffisara. I have been buried in reading for the greater part of today, and I have also regained my joy despite experiencing some confession time discomforts earlier in the week. The health won't rob me of my joy. I will make a more elaborate post on it when I start my #7daypositivity post tomorrow. @inthenow nominated for that, and I will be happy to share my positive vibes with you. Enjoy my #haturday happy Saturday post.

I want it to cover the whole blockchain space. Lol.


Thereafter, I decided to shine my teeth for the Camera 😀😁😀.

I can't believe I have grown this dark.😖😏😹. Or may be because I took the photo this night (it is 9:41pm now).


That ends the Public Service Announcements about my #haturday 😀😁😀😀🙌.

How has your Saturday been? I am only 2:28 minutes to Sunday. Let's share the #haturday love.


My signout message is:

Never Let Anything Rob You Off Your Joy.



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I see you may be in competition with @katrina-ariel in the head wear department LOL :-) Gonna read your positivity post. Have a great day. :-)


Thanks. 🙌. It is nice to see other Steemians rock their hats.

I love hats! Every day is haturday for me. :) Definitely found joy in this post. 💖


Thanks so much for coming around. I admire your hat and smile outlook always 😀