Chess Boxing is inspiring! Here are my 3 new sport discipline ideas.

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After learning about chess boxing I was so excited with its logic, that I decided to come up with my own disciplines:

Drink Racing
11 rounds , 6 rounds of racing 5 rounds of drinking alcohol.
Starts with racing, followed by drinking alcohol.
One wins either by having the best combined time, or by opponents' death / loss of consciousness, either by an alcohol overdose or a car crash accident.

Origami Swimming
11 rounds, 6 rounds of swimming, 5 rounds of origami folding.
Starts with swimming, followed by origami folding.
One wins either by having the best overall time in swimming, or by finishing folding assigned origami figure.
Special rule: folding the figure must be done under the water.

Weightlifting Diving
Only 5 rounds.
One wins either by lifting the biggest weight under the water, or by sustaining longer time without breathing.
In case of a draw (one wins in weightlifting, the other one in diving time) they have to perform a round of Trampoline Weightlifting (separate sport).

I invite you to help me with inventing even more absurd disciplines.
Of course, I will upvote the best ideas.

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