5 Funny And Weird Non-Japanese Asian TV Commercials I Found Today (Part 11)

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Hello, my fellow Steemers! Japan is not the only Asian country that produces funny commercials as you have noticed in parts 1, 2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of this post series.

Today, I am going to another top 5 weird and funny (not Japanese) Asian TV commercials I found today just for fun. These product advertisements are kind of fresh and wacky. Watching them is a good alternative way to relieve stress!

I do not have to explain each one as the videos can pretty much explain for themselves.

Enjoy and don't forget to laugh!

1. McDonald's Ice Cream (South Korea)

2. Sting Energy Drink (Philippines)

3. Neril Anti Hair Fall (Indonesia)

4. Hatari Electric Fan (Thailand)

5. Ad on Air Pollution (China)

Video Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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number 1 is beautiful because of the actress model haha.. 2 is the fine maybe because I saw it multiple times before on tv haha, 3 made me laugh out loud, 4 is the funniest for me lol.. 5 is wierd..

The best tv commercial ning number 2 sir super ganahan kaayo ko ani bah.


Dili lagi maluma!


Mao jud sir.

thanks for this @darthnava. I undergone tooth extraction a while ago and these videos are good ways to divert the pain and discomfort


Yes, a good laugh eases the pain away.

This is a amazing post..and great funny Thanks for keeping it well..i really love your all post all time..my dear lovely friend @darthnava.. i just resteem and upvote..

Hahahaha... nanghawod ang tv commercial nga sting for tonight sir. Winner jud ang Kini nga commercial sa Philippines tungod sa music nga kun mo.tukar na makasayaw and makadungog.


Mubalik unta nga ma-uso kana nga music para sige ta manayaw.

nice and funny vedio..
thanks for sharing with us..
@upvoted & @resteemed

Hahahahaha. Nice Darth. I loved the Korean McDonalds and Thai Fan. Both countries I've spent a lot of time in. Very cool. Brings me back to a time and place....with a laugh! From Buenos Aires Argentina! Hope you are well. -Dan


I am glad you liked them. Thanks for stopping by, my well-traveled friend.

wow..great post my dear friend @darthnava,very funny post,i really really love this funny post, thanks for share,
#resteem and #upvote, this all post,

great post,Every vedio was so much funny .
I just laught into tears to see all the vedio.my dear friend @darthnava...thanks for share,

this post has been #resteemed and #upvote by @sibbir,Did you forget me??


No, thank you for the support you always gave me.


Thank you so much,all for helping me all the time

Hi my dear lovely friend @darthnava..
How are you?..
Dear your funny is a amazing i really love funny and i like your all post all time..Thanks for keeping it well...


I am fine, thank you.

hahah you have the perfect fun dose everyday ready for us :D

lolz hatari fan looks real powerful ;)

Humor + laugh= healthy life. Thanks @dartnava for sharing.

So funny DQmTbaUWdG3YtYsHtW23CHDNq7BmhE9bQ5Got7T63JNyHQL.gif

hahahaha funny! ing.ana unta mga commercial diris phil .. hahaha upvoted and followed sir..

Very nice funnyDQmNtj7YabNLqaV443XWuj1SXa9cwjdGanXDaFnkWhS74Ep.gifso i just DQmbXdfGyVLG2NK4b4tifftqAWjihJ1WZXjnMFQ6YpiWKE3.gif


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Loved the second and 4th one.

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