TRUTH OR DARE #205 - Do you like to Hold Hands? - UPVOTE Giveaway 0.010 SBDs HAVE FUN an get PAID :)!!

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TRUTH OR DARE #205 - Do you like to Hold Hands? - UPVOTE Giveaway 0.010 SBDs HAVE FUN an get PAID :)!!


Open to anyone Who is ((( REPLIES to the Question)))_ .

Hi Everyone welcome to TRUTH OR DARE. Okay it's been awhile you might not have thought about it but do you hold hands ? of course if you have little children holding hands is a given because they can wander off at a seconds notice otherwise holding hands with your special someone, i can remember when holding hands was a way of feeling safe an attached to each other. These days when i see people holding hands it resonates the warmth we want to share but maybe sometimes find it hard to accept the helping hand. so do you hold hands? Please Enjoy play and leave a reply!

TRUTH OR DARE QUESTION # 205 - Do you like to Hold Hands?

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DARE: Send us a picture of your little toe anyone doesn't matter :)


P.s. Scratch my back and i'll love you back !:)
You're the best!little_dog.gif

Thank you @darsico



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Yeah I still hold hands with my guy. Not as often as we used to. But occasionally.

Sometimes the oldies also need a helping hand but are too proud to ask. So i hook them in and make it seem normal.

And of course lityle monsters always need hand holding.

@darisco you kinda holding virtual handa with these competitions. Helping the small fries out! In fact you wiping noses for free! Thanks dude! Virtual high5!

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hi @minismartypants thank you, high5 back to you to your success!


Thank you sir!! Slowly but surely picking up bits of SP on the playground!!

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Thanks for another TRUTH OR DARE @darsico! Yes, I do. Another out of this world TRUTH OR DARE! Thanks so much for the laughs, entertainment and support! I almost laughed so hard that I fell out of my chair on this one! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Yep, all the time. Love holding hands as hands are meant to be held. I suppose hand holding is out (I didn't know but then again I didn't know kids today just went to a CPU site for a date rather than just asking someone out in person.......WTF?) but not in my family.

Yes, most definitely

Absolutely, Yes

Yes, sometimes

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I don't hold hands anymore as the hand holdings are for little ones. Don't even know how it feels like anymore ;>


in your mind can you see yourself holding hands with anyone? then you just did :)

That's great funny 😁😁 post

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sure, i also like to roll up in lap like cat ... i'm working on the purr though

i love to hold hands ! hands are for holding and if my hand is empty i wish i can hold my love one ... right now i dont have no one to hold but im holding up ! it will be all good ! God Bless ! PEACE !