Let me guess we all came to make money! :)

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Yeah it's hard you need alot of support to get going but the learning curve is at least consistent with the more you know the more there is to know and sometimes it becomes very confusing because a lot of times the message is garbled by translation. Never the less the best advice i can give you is have faith in your work after all it's all on the blockchain the good the bad and the ugly sides of everyone are stored for all time, something to think about, first think then act .


well i wouldn't have need for all of it i'm sure to give away at least 25percent seems fair after all who go to work to make $400 dollars a week and then gives away $100 dollars i don't think i know anybody in that bracket who isn't already rich.

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It is so unfortunate how money is such a necessity on this Planet. I know that there are many ways to help People. But, money helps others so VERY much. Perfect advice from you as usual my Friend! All the VERY best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

This is right @darcico we all are work to make money well post i like it

With recent low prices, things have bee slowing down on steemit. From the high of a million accounts, we now only have fifty thousand actively participating accounts.

But the important thing to remember is that the last time the price drop occurred in 2016-17, this number was only a mere three thousand. Some of the biggest players being seen here, were just minnows at that time. I guess their hard work payed off since then. Its only fair that we too put in our share of the work before we can truly reap the rewards.


i believe we still have a long way to go !

Thank you.

Yeah..money to buy everything that we want.money is important and we had to work hard to haveit..but, don't let the money to control us, but we're the ones should control it

$400 a week would be a nice change of pace compare to that a month ...


:) ... but i'll take 150 for starters then i can already give them the middle finger ... which im gonna do anyway, i'll never be able to pretend and roll in their system again

a recurring topic with me , i know all that , as i know many things, and also many i'll never speak about otherwise i wouldnt know them heh.
That's most important to me, even if i have to start from 150 a month eating rice daily instead of making money for them and having them steal everything . My last "job" was in some retard callcenter of the Truchot series (ipsos / synovate) getting paid €8 an hour to harass people on the phone last year 2017

This ain't living

but THAT was A LOT worse :)

woops, did i just drain all the funny out of it ? there's nazghul floating over my shoulders, the air in the room sometimes freezes when i come in :p , must be my feminine side, having emotions and all that


okay give :)



easy there, its morning, i woke up at noon for once ... i almost feel like i slept and i did but it doesnt seem to make up for the past weeks ... the replies seem to be getting less and less .. i probably dont vote up every single one who comments lol

i still cant shake the impression that nazicleaner bitch from 10 months back had a smear campaign too ... or maybe some people can't handle my lingo when i ask them a question ... all in all, i think this whole heap is pretty irresponsive


unless they are paying you a royalty or rental fee for the space they take up i'd evict them immediately no room for freeloaders in my mind LOL :) erase and move on ...


its a bit of a problem to me ... letting go :) , when i feel i have been wronged without reason it can last (as far as i know) more than 20 years (and counting) ... anonymous stole that phrase from me hahah, i think in this case karma applies as people get more savvy and tools get better : you are a full-time downvoter, you'll end up on a blacklist of the opposite side , and afaik there's a lot more on the other side, their side just a bit more clout

for now :)
its a general problem, i dont let it steer me, i dont go around giving payback , i won't waste a 1% downvote on that but letting go , thats something else, my remnant of an inner social worker that got prohibited by stateside and (family in law i still assume) other third party interference can't help but raising awareness, its in what i say, i dont really try to say it lol, it just shines through :)

i need a new source for educational material ... they've been dropping like flies lately but im not gonna ask around here hahah