As the Summer wraps you might have a last chance to go somewhere or do something

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Road Trip?
This year it seems that it's been crazy hot and steamy thank goodness i picked up an air conditioner recently. It just causes so much confusion people tend to stay indoors and that's a good thing why should you suffer when there are so many places you can take refuge during the day until it's over but for the young at heart this is the time to get out an Move ...


i love road trips spontaneous last second decisions out of boredom, we never new how far we could go until we got there which we didn't know where that was either until we got there, then it was beer and bear fest lol:) please don't ask although we did have one earlier this year no telling if there will be others but you never know that's the spontaneous part :))



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Traveling is very good, one of the rewarding moments of intense day-to-day work.

I'm so VERY happy to hear that you have an air conditioner! It has been one hot summer! You still have plenty of beautiful weather for another spontaneous road trip. My ex Girlfriend and I would love our little road trips. Almost as good as with the guys, but something was missing LOL! :) Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

missing the great old days back in the states that every summer could go all the ways to the real long road trips!

Man is always good to be in nature! It's good to breathe clean air! It is good to eat healthy food. I'm right???

Where I live it's always summer all year.

Awesome post thank to share with us this beautiful post with us 😎 @darsico

Often when I travel, I always felt that the destination is so far while going but seem to be so near on the way back home. I never really did know why I felt like that. Have you ever felt the same?

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Unplanned trip also offers a enjoyable moment.I'd experience went to a trip without planned with my friends .No booking done but gladly it's fun and everything goes smoothly.

Or you may have a last chance to buy crypto cheap 😂

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