Joke: Buying Pizza With Bitcoin in 2018...

in #funny3 years ago

Hello, you have reached Papa John's, how may we help you?

Hi, I would like to order a large private jet with triple gold plating and extra Lamborghini's.

Would you like any dipping sauce with that sir?

No thanks, just the gold jet and Lamborghini's will be fine.

No problem sir, that will be 10,000 bitcoin.

WHAT... no way, I'm HODLing this shit till the end of time!

The moral of the story is... don't be like Laszlo Hanyecz in 2010 who spent 10,000 BTC on 2 pizza's...


I’m not sure budz82, though spending 10 thousand BTC to buy 2 pizzas (I can’t stand pizza, btw) seems ludicrous today, the story of the 2010 pizza purchase is a landmark for the books.
I’m sure you heard, just yesterday, a couple think tank type college students purchased another pizza, only this time the transaction took place on the Lightning network.

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