Torrey Pines

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So this week is vacation week, and I am staying close to Torrey Pines golf course. So I thought I might give it a shot and see how much it is to play. 252 for a none resident, and 45 dollars for a cart.... Wait what you want 1/3 of a house payment to play on a golf course.... And California says they don't discriminate. That is discrimination right there. torrey-pines-640x480-04.jpg Just because you don't live in the county, you should pay triple the amount, and to say the least Torrey pines is not a course that you would find on Golf now. I already checked, and mobile home coursed came up. Probably not the same quality as being on the beach.

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That is actually not that bad considering you get to play a course the pros play on... only a couple in the US you can play, that they play, for cheaper than that.


If you are a resident it is like 90 to140 depending on the day. my issue is the double price for not living here. That is too much of a premium.


Yea it is steep, though if I was them I would probably do the exact same thing. They fill up the tee sheet just about every day, which could make the argument they should be charging even more...

Wow, that is ridiculous! I played the south course once, but I think it was closer to $150. It was the hardest course I ever played tho - super long, tough greens and the rough grabbed your club like crazy, so if you missed the fairway, you were in trouble. Anyway, sounds like you aren’t going to give it a try this time, and at that price, who could ever blame you!

That is a steep price. Playing Torrey Pines is on the bucket list as is the TPC at Sawgrass in Florida but holy expensive. They must be thinking they are milking the tourist dollar. I'm sure there are lots of people that gladly play it. Golf becomes an elite sport at that cost.


Ya, I am trying to find a San Diego native to play with me. They get it for like 90 bucks.

i heard that golf is a game for bussiness class people's .. is that right??

That's a huge price actually. It's should be cut down, if they're gonna make the don't discriminate work. Such a nice play anyway @bigram13

In that case I prefer to wander than spend so much money playing golf. Of course being an amateur then playing in a less expensive field.

Wow that's steep, but I'd love to play it all the same, and would prob drop the cash if I was there, as being from Ireland, I'd prob not get a chance again... I've played most of the top course in Ireland, they are expensive too, but they are a once off, and ticked off my list of courses I want to play..